Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier Design Overview

Ionic Breeze air purifer popular tower design run silently, yet clean large air volumes. Learn about the Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier line and more.

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The Ionic Breeze air purifier product has grown a reputation for delivering safe, clean and contaminant-free air for homes and work environments. Additionally, the Ionic Breeze air purifier design reflects the highest standard of operating efficiency, reliability, optimal size, and economy.

* Addressing America's Declining Indoor Air Quality. As your research confirms and the engineers at Ionic Breeze air purifier understand all too well, America 's air quality has deteriorated in part because of the generation of toxic airborne waste, but equally due to the very success of the building industry itself in designing and construction "air tight" structures.

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

* Source Of "Sick Building Syndrome". One industry's "success" creates problems, such as airborne contamination, which leads to "solutions" by firms such as the Ionic Breeze air purifier company. "Sick building syndrome" is the unintended consequence of building and design success where we're now able to "seal off" rooms altogether, thereby creating a compelling need for an air filter or related air purification product to clean up the air we breathe. Your Ionic Breeze air purifier system addresses the unique indoor phenomenon referred to as "sick building syndrome", which in its more extreme forms includes the spreading of viral pathogens, Legionnaires Disease, colds, bacteria and other health risk factors.

Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifiers - Features & Advantages:

* How Much Air We Breath In Our Indoor Lives. The Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier engineers know as you do that the typical person is daily breathing in over 3500 gallons of air. Meanwhile, without the surety of some air purifier system to process these 3500 gallons of air, you and others are living over 90% of your life indoors. As those lifestyle factors converge, you can quickly see the importance that your Ionic Breeze air purifier may have for your respiratory health.

* Design And Operation Overview. Ionic Breeze air purifiers produce a steady stream of negatively charged ions which flood your room's environment. As a result, your furnishing and walls rapidly exhibit a change in surface electrostatic charge, thus acting as a powerful "magnet" to draw all sorts of airborne "stuff" out of the air. By design and operation, the Ionic Breeze air purifiers utilize a unique electrically driven circulation air filter technology that filters solid airborne matter out of the air.

* Portable, Silent Running And Low Energy Costs. The ionic breeze air purifiers are especially convenient because they are very small and portable, almost completely silent when running, and there is never a need to purchase replacement air filters. Due to the superior operating efficiencies of the Ionic Breeze air purifier over other technologies such as a HEPA air purifier, you save money due to lower electrical running costs, which can be as low as 5 watts per hour.

Respiratory Benefits of Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers:

* EPA's View On Indoor Air Pollution. The respiratory benefits of an Ionic Breeze air purifier will offset increasing indoor air pollution, which the EPA believes "is now our nation's number one environmental health concern." The scientifically proven health benefits of an air purifier are not the only reason why there has been an increasing presence of home air cleaner installations. An air purifier can help eliminate the build up of indoor airborne contaminates, which the EPA believes are at levels 3-5 times higher than that of outdoor air pollution levels.

* Targeting Tobacco Smoke. Air purification legislation has sparked smoking bans in major cities such as New York City , as well as the states of Maine and Delaware along with the nation of Ireland and its ban on smoking in pubs and restaurants. Though the trend of air purification support has drawn an outcry from the smoking populations, non-smokers argue that they have the right to breathe clean air when dining in a public venue.

* Removing Allergens, Dust, germs And More. Without an installed room air purifier, large amounts of stagnant air enriched with pollutants become the daily breathing environment for many people. Typically, an air purifier must tackle allergens, dust and pollen, asthma triggering irritants, cigarette and cigar smoke, germs, viruses and bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi, and chemical fumes. Eliminating such air contaminates via an air cleaner system is critical to the health management of asthmatics or other respiratory ailments.

* Ionic Breeze Product Line Series. Bottom line, your Ionic Breeze air purifier is small, quiet, portable, efficient, and economical. Look for the Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier line of four tower shaped models, with differing capacities based on your room size needs, or move up to the more powerful Ionic Breeze Professional Series.


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