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The Living Air purifier gives you clean air, with up to 99.99% removal of odors, germs, fungi and molds and more.

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Living Air Purifiers Target Bad "Stuff"

* Helping Manage Asthma Or Tobacco Related Health Symptoms. Your Living air purifier unit delivers on the promise to create clean, safe and fresh air for you and your family. People with elevated breathing sensitivities, such as asthmatics, understand directly the need for an air cleaner in each room.

Unless a home air cleaner is in use, asthmatics can become exposed to airborne contaminants which will act as "triggers" to cause onset of a respiratory attack. Similarly, persons with suppressed immune systems or a history of emphysema benefit from an air purifier working to strip out dangerous airborne particulate matter.

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* Indoor Pollutants Targeted By The Living Air Purifier. With models including the Classic, Fresh Air or Eagle 5000 Living Air purifiers provide immediate impact on indoor levels of odors, smells and tobacco smoke. Additionally, Living Air cleaner designs remove 99% or more of viruses, fungi and molds along with bacteria and germs such as salmonella and e.coli.

* Pet Dander And Microscopic Insects. People are amazed to learn about the continuously expanding levels of dust, pollen, dead skin cells, pet dander and multiple species of dust mite inhabitating our indoor spaces. Merely recognizing these factors is a positive first step towards selecting the Living Air purifier that best matches your room size and air purification needs.

Living Air Purifier - Advantages & Features:

* A Day's Worth Of Breathing. You may not realize but each and every day you consume over 62 pounds of air, compared to the daily intake of 4.4 pounds of water. Meanwhile, if you are like most Americans, then you're spending 90% of your life "indoors", breathing "stuff" without the benefit of air purification.

* EPA Findings On America's Declining Indoor Air Quality. Why, you may ask, should you consider a home air purifier system? The EPA replies to your need for an air cleaner by way of a study that found that levels of indoor airborne air pollution are 3-5 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. In further support of air purifier use, the EPA stated that, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one growing health concern."

* Targeting Tobacco Products' Smoke Pollution. While the Living air purifier product line has gained popularity due to growing public awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution, new legal measures have also contributed to the growing air purification trend. In cities across America and even in select cities oversees, such as Dublin, Ireland, a new legislation trend supporting tougher air purification standards has been adopted. The target of these new legal statures supporting home air cleaner use is cigarette and cigar smoke. The new air purification standards for public bars and restaurants have prohibited smoking indoors. Supporters for air cleaner usage argue that they have fundamental rights to breathe clean air when in a public venue.

* Living Air Product Line. Market leading models include Classic, Fresh Air, Breeze At, Flair, Fresh Air To Go, Eagle 5000 plus future models moving through R & D. Further product and performance data can be found at the company's web site, Your Living air purifiers product family offers you extensive choice regarding size and capacity, operating cost, and initial investment into your home air cleaner system. The Living air purifier product group continues to win awards for developing technologies for eliminating airborne contaminants, coupled with products known for their reliable and silent running.

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