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The Oreck air purifier produces clean safe indoor air, offering low cost quiet operation even while removing odors, dust, allergens, pet dander and more.

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The Oreck Air Purifier Clean Air Mission

The Oreck air purifier engineering group pride themselves on maintaining the most up-to-date technologies associated with the air purification industry. The Oreck air purifier business strategy is to develop technologies and products that you can take into your home and office, knowing that you'll produce clean and safe air for your family.

Oreck Air Purification Systems - Features, Advantages & More

Oreck Air Purifier

* Oreck Removes Most Airborne "Stuff". Your Oreck air purifier eliminates indoor airborne contaminants and particulate matter including dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, allergens, bacteria, mold spores, odors, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, and more. Oreck air filters utilize a combination of electronically charged attractor plates for capturing "stuff" along with charcoal to absorb odors.

* Low Cost Silent Running. Any of the Oreck air cleaner models give you virtually silent running. You'll barely notice it as it continuously works to clean your home or office air 24/7. For smaller size rooms, an oreck air purifier costs about as much as running a lightbulb.

* Long Life No Filter Low Maintenance. Keeping things simple and low cost for customers, the oreck air purifier line feature long lasting permanent filters, unlike the competitors' HEPA style filters which clog and require replacement.

* How Oreck Anticipates EPA Findings. Why should you care about a home air cleaner for your family? The answer is provided by the EPA whose studies show that homes or buildings that do not utilize indoor air purifiers maintain indoor air pollution levels that are three to five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. Your Oreck air purifier reduces or outright eliminates most of these airborne factors which could trigger an asthmatic attack. In further support of office and home air purifier use, the EPA stated that, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one growing health concern."

* Helping Manage Asthma And Immune Deficient Lung Conditions. The intensified levels of indoor air pollution, occurring where no air purifier is in use, create serious health risks for asthmatics or people with acute respiratory sensitivity, or emphysema.

* Targeting Second Hand Tobacco Smoke. The Oreck air purifier company has benefited from legislative trends related to air purification standards for public venues. Air cleaner standards have been codified and now enforced in cities such as New York City or even Dublin, Ireland, along with the states of Maine and Delaware. Some reliable form of room air cleaner is necessary in order to protect the health rights of patrons who do not smoke. The new air purification laws prohibiting cigarette and cigar smoking have drawn much criticism from the smoking population, but these outcries have been smothered by a larger majority applauding the enactment of the new legislation. Sensing "opportunity" within the non-smoking bans, some bars and restaurants have invested in air purifier systems in order to draw more environmentally conscious patrons to their venue.

* Dealing With "Sick Building Syndrome". The Oreck air purifier engineering team recognizes that the "indoor" environmental landscape is changing dramatically as design and materials technologies converge to create "air tight" buildings. These efficient air tight structures, lacking home air purifier processing capability, quickly turn monster-like into what's unpopularly described as "sick building syndrome" which in its more intense form can be life threatening such as with Legionnaires Disease which colonize air duct systems.

* 90% Of Our Lives Indoors. Although people live almost 90% of their time indoors, most homes and buildings are now almost completely sealed off from outdoor air environments and may not have appropriate room air cleaner capabilities. As a result, indoor air not subjected to processing by a home air cleaner cannot re-circulate nor cleanse itself with replacement outdoor air. Indeed, our design-build industries have succeeded so well that they've created an internal environmental problem affecting homes and businesses which can only be corrected by use of reliable air filter technologies.

* Additional Oreck Product Line Details. If you're seeking clean and safe air for your family or office colleagues, then you can turn to the Oreck air purifier people for reliable, low cost performance. The Oreck air Purifier product group can meet your strictest standards for air purification due to their decades of engineering and design experience. You'll be pleased with your XL Series Oreck air purifier performance in rooms and even a small refrigerator unit. Oreck specializes in after-sale customer service support. For additional product line and technical performance data go to the company's web site at http://www.oreck.com/air-purifiers/air8.cfm?keycode=CK690.

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