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Ozone air purifier removes mildew, bateria and odors providing fresh, natural, pure air for your home and rooms. Newest patented ozone air cleaner technology. Lab tests prove it works.

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Filter-Free Ozone Air Purifiers

Like the ionic air purifier, an ozone air purifier does not use any filters when cleaning up your room's air. The good news is that your ozone air purifier works by harnessing naturally occurring oxygen, and then utilizing this altered oxygen as the "scrubbing agent" to create air purification for your home or office.

* Using Ozone To Attack Airborne Contaminants. Your ozone air purifier targets all sorts of man-made airborne contaminants including a wide range of odors such as perfumes, dirty socks, gaseous emissions, food smells, along with cigarette and cigar smoke. As you and the general public well understand, lingering smoke smells need to be "neutralized" by a room-based ozone air purifier in order to reduce the risk of respiratory irritation. The health care community is annually bombarded with flu and viral cases, where a patient's initial symptoms were exacerbated by smoke-filled air that had not been cleaned by an ozone air cleaner.

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Ozone Air Purifiers: Advantages & Features

* Modifying Oxygen To Act As Your Air Cleaner. Unlike a hepa air filter, the operating features of your ozone air purifier rely upon releasing highly reactive ozone (O3) molecules into the surrounding air. The ozone molecules discharged by your ozone air cleaner into the air take on the characteristics of a "bleaching agent", such as are used as an additive to water when doing a clothes wash.

* Ozone Air Cleaner Attacks Second Hand Tobacco Smoke. Like air purifier "gunslingers" let loose within your room environment, these extra strength and modified oxygen molecules generated by your ozone air purifier go on the hunt for lingering airborne pollutants. Ozone air purifiers are extremely effective in zapping odors, including cigarette and cigar smoke. Your ozone air cleaner can also limit and/or destroy certain chemicals and bacteria, which may be health risk factors to your family.

* The "Likes" And "Like Nots" Of Ozone Air Purifiers. Like with any new environmental concept, the development of an ozone air purifier technology has brought along the baggage of controversy as consumers and experts alike opine on its virtues and its alleged shortcomings. For one, the ozone air cleaner design creates a unique albeit lingering smell that may become bothersome to individuals. Certain individuals, when exposed to high concentrations of ozone as emitted by an ozone air purifier, can experience irritation of the ears, eyes, and lining of the throat.

* Managing Asthmatics' Sensitivities. The choice of an air purifier design must balance with the specific health sensitivities and requirements of the people in the room. In the event that someone suffers from asthmatic or other respiratory ailments, then the introduction of additional ozone from an ozone air purifier may solve one problem while creating yet a new one.

Ozone Air Purifiers - What to Remember:

* Ozone Air Cleaners Offer Limited Industrial Application. In general, an ozone air purifier is not the right technology for industrial environments. Due to the laws of physics, the ozone air purifier cannot affect solid particle-contaminants like allergens. Similarly, the ozone air purifier will not neutralize most chemicals.

* Mixed Views By Government EPA. In a technical ruling containing unintended irony, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that an ozone air purifier is a legitimate form of air purification. but that the emission of ozone nevertheless qualifies as an air pollutant. Yes, the ozone air purifier is both the "cure" and the "problem" when narrowly reviewed as a hazardous workplace chemical by OSHA (U.S. Occupation Safety and Health Administration).

You'll get great results from your ozone air purifier alone, or in combination with the HEPA filter or ionic air purifier designs, which can deal with larger size particulates.

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