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Air purifier reviews generally offer contradicting information regarding opinions as to the best air purifier for you.

In reality, the best air purifier will have technical features matching your room size, as well as technical features as to the class of airborne matter that it can re-process into "clean pure air" for you.

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* Defining The "Best" Technology. Normally the best air purifier, as viewed by consumers, reflects the more successful design strategies utilized by the engineers in terms of materials, power source, capacity, and cost. Design "parameters" ultimately become constants when designing product in order to optimize their air purifier rating potentials. Engineers and designers maintain a constant market vigil as they monitor air cleaner comparison data in terms of new technologies or popularity. Air purifier design and air cleaner rating factors must be balanced against engineering resources and eventual manufacturing costs, in order to deliver value to consumers seeking a home air purifier.

Air Purifiers & Filters - Things to Remember:

The reality of the situation is that there is no best air purifier, but rather a combination of air filter and air purification products that can achieve the most effective and desirable levels of air purification for home and office environs.

* Solid Filter Strategy. Some air purifier models work on the design concept of actually filtering solid airborne molecules through a form of media filter such as charcoal or like absorbing matter. For example the Oreck XL Series air purifier products utilize a combination of electronically charged attractor plates and onboard long-life charcoal filter.

* Filter-Less Strategy. Ozone emitting air cleaner such as designed by Alpine completely by step air filters, focusing instead on the emission of highly active ozone molecules which "scrub" the air of contaminants. Meanwhile, other air purifier designs such as the electronic air cleaner models harness basic laws of physics and operate based on concepts of surface electrical charge, where an emitted substance such as a chemical or a statically charge air particle, becomes bonded with other airborne particles to effectively "ground" the particles. It's impossible to identify and to produce a single superior method of air purification that will fit all customers equally, due to differences in treatment environments and/or health needs.

* Politicians Enter The Air Purifier Review Debate. Politicians in the USA and overseas have been quick to move into the business of air cleaner comparison legislation. New York City in 2004 completed implementation of its no smoking ban and now sends enforcement officials into the city's restaurants and diners and clubs to undertake air cleaner review of licensed establishments. Not to be outdone by New York , the entire nation of Ireland has adopted a no smoking ban for pubs and restaurants in 2004 based on earlier air purifier comparison data.

* Advantages Of Combining Two Air Cleaner Technologies. The best air purifier is actually more a system approach, utilizing the best of filter-based and filter-free technologies. You'll remove odors and chemicals and tobacco smoke along with dust and allergens out of your air. These solid airborne particles are now found in all indoor air environments, and at increasing levels which the EPA claims may be as much as 3-5 times higher than outside air. These solid airborne particles can be effectively filtered out by an air filtration system, such as the HEPA air purifier. The HEPA air purifier was originally developed to filter out radioactive airborne particles from the air space surrounding nuclear generators during the Second World War.

* Electronic Air Purifier Benefits. The second element to your best air purifier system is an electronic air cleaner. Electronic air purifier designs work on the principle of electrostatic attraction, which is achieved by the statically charged media filter fibers. If you want to remove airborne particles from the air, then an outstanding air purifier rating includes an ionic air purifier. Ionic air purifiers produce negative ions which are carried airborne by naturally-occurring indoor air currents. The negative ions bond with positively charged airborne particles and have the effect of drawing the once-airborne particles down onto varying positively charged surfaces within the room.

* Ozone Generating Air Purifiers. When dealing with other elements of indoor air pollution, such as odors or cigarette smoke, it is important to consider an air purification product such as an ozone air purifier. Ozone air purifiers emit the ozone (O3) molecule, and effectively reduce or eliminate lingering cigarette smoke or odors.


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