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Learn about the Trion Air Bear Filter, an electronic air cleaner and ionizer producing clean safe air for any room size.

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The Trion Air Bear FIlter Advantage

Trion Air Bear filter technology lies at the center of Trion's product technologies. Building to both residential and commercial needs, the Trion air filter utilizes electronic filter bank designs coupled with ionizing wires to treat and then clean huge volumes of air. With Trion air cleaners you create safe indoor breathing environments for your family.

* How Much Clean Safe Air Do You Need Each Day? The engineers at Trion air cleaner design new air filter products with the understanding that you will breathe in on average approximately 64 pounds of air a day, compared to drinking about 4.4 pounds of water. The need for a home air cleaner system becomes increasingly apparent when you consider that you, along with most of the American population, spend 90% percent of your time indoors.

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* Great Building Designs Can Lead To "Sick Building Syndrome". Air purifier companies, like Trion, have engineered products as a "solution" to the unexpected air quality problems created by increasingly well designed and air-tight buildings. The design and construction industry modern proficiencies have lead to "sick building syndrome", where internal spaces unsupported by room air purifier systems can fall prey to virulent organic contamination such as with Legionnaires Disease infecting air duct systems. Any indoor environment devoid of some form of air cleaner creates conditions that could pose health risks to you and your family.

Trion Air Filter Advantages & Features

* Bad "Stuff" Removed By Your Trion Air Filter. Trion Air Cleaner products will deliver to you clean safe air, meanwhile removing the rogue airborne pollutants such as dust, dander, allergens, pollen, mold spores, pet hair, odor, chemical fumes, cigarette and cigar smoke, etc.

* Benefits For Asthmatics And Compromised Immune Systems. The product designers at Trion air cleaner are especially sensitized to the health needs of persons suffering from asthma or persons with suppressed immune systems, or who have emphysema and require robust home air purifier treatment on incoming air. By operating a Trion air cleaner in your room, you separate out "trigger" contaminants which may cause an asthmatic attack.

* Trion For 24/7 And 12 Months Of The Year. Trion Air Cleaners, and indoor air purification in general, can become especially beneficial during different seasons of the year. For example, during winter when we keep our homes sealed shut to keep in the warmth, an air purifier can help to regenerate the stagnant stale air you breathe.

* EPA Claims Indoor Pollution Levels Rising. There have been studies pointing to the need for some form of air filter, such as the EPA's recent findings that suggests that the amount of indoor airborne pollutants is three to five times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. Furthermore, the federal government outlined its argument advocating air purification when in 1995 the EPA stated that, "indoor air pollution is now our nation's number one growing health concern."

* Getting To Microscopic Pollutants. Trion air bear filter designs for the commercial sector use electronic filter banks combined with ionizer wire grids to remove particle matter at levels of .01 micron on up. Air purification awareness and use of products such as Trion air cleaner provide you with the knowledge and certainty that you've minimized health risks associated with organic bacteria and viruses as well as microscopic contaminants.

Trion Air Cleaner - Home Air Filters:

* Following Industry Trends And Standards. Trion air cleaner designers follow legislative trends supporting air purification standards for public venues such as theaters and restaurants. For example, air cleaner advocates won their day in court when New York City adopted in 2003 a non-smoking ban in City restaurants. Meanwhile, the States of Maine and Delaware have similarly adopted room air cleaner standards for public venues.

* Trion Corporate History And Market Reputation. American owned, the Trion electronic air cleaner product line is designed and produced in Sanford, NC. Trion air cleaner products have a proven performance record and continue to provide consumers with quiet, efficient, environment- friendly air purifiers since the company's formation in 1947. Trion Air Cleaner products meet the air cleaner requirements of industrial and commercial settings as well as your home environment. To evidence their quality and market reputation, Trion air cleaner company is the sole supplier of air purification equipment for the entire US naval fleet of nuclear submarines.

* Trion Air Bear Filter And Air Cleaner Product Technicals. If you're seeking either a commercial or a home air purifier with built-in reliability, safety and affordability, then you should turn to Trion air cleaners. Additional product technical data can be sourced at Trion's website.

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