Drawer Handles - The Best Kept Decorating Secret

Don't toss out that old cabinet, dresser or chest of drawers! New drawer handles or cabinet pulls can give it a new lease on life. Inexpensive drawer handles can add style where once there was none.

Stylish drawer handles have long been a decorating secret of savvy designers and do-it-yourself-ers. Most people would see a worn cabinet, armoire or dresser and think that it needed to be painstakingly sanded and expertly painted.

Most people wouldn't even know where to begin. But, low and behold, there is a simple and inexpensive answer - new drawer handles! An aging dresser is suddenly shabby sheik when new and trendy drawer handles are added.

By the term "new drawer handles"

I mean new to the cabinet or piece of furniture, not necessarily "never been used." For instance, some of the most fabulous decorative drawer handles can be found at flea markets. Vintage drawer handles give a piece of furniture an authentic feeling of the time when those handles were popular. A shopper with a good eye can find everything from bright coloured plastic retro-looking daisy drawer handles to exquisite antique drawer handles made of brass.

Don't worry about matching the drawer handles to the period of the cupboard or cabinetry. An eclectic look is quite stylish and has never gone out of style. It is a great way to show your individuality and personal style. Shouldn't your home be filled with things that you love and not just things that match?

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You can take eclectic design one step further by not matching all the drawer handles on a particular piece of furniture. For instance a dresser or armoire with a different pull or knob for every drawer or door is a very creative and whimsical look.

So have fun adding new life and interest to old furniture and cabinets with drawer handles, pulls and knobs. Remember, no one has written the book on the correct use of drawer handles. Or at least I have not run across it. So express yourself!



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