Carpet Steam Cleaner Machine - Rug Shampooer

Learn about carpet cleaners and home steam carpet cleaners to clean and sanitize every surface in your home as you browse through this series of articles.

You'll find that there are carpet cleaners called steam cleaners, even though they produce very little, if any, steam at all! Their power comes from a blend of hot water, detergents, and a key cleaning element: extraction.

If you can't pull that dirty water out of your carpet, you've not only increased the likelihood of future soiling, but you may also permanently damage that expensive floor covering.

We discuss carpet steam cleaners, which are really hot-water extraction machines ... "steam cleaner" is a misnomer when you discuss deep cleaning carpet machines.

Carpet cleaning machines for home use include models manufacturers produced by brand and market leaders including Hoover (the Steam Vac series), Bissell (ProHeat and PowerSteamer series) and Electrolux/Eureka's Atlantis Extractors and Deep Steam Carpet Cleaner).

While hot-water extraction is the most commonly recommended, and nowadays, practiced method of carpet cleaning by both professionals and for do-it-yourselfers, there are other time-tested methods that may be used to restore your area rugs and carpet to their near-original luster and condition. On this site we discuss different types of carpet cleaning, including the use of carpet shampooers and steam vacuums.

If you don't want the expense or have the room to store a carpet deep-cleaner, or even a heavy duty vapor steamer, consider renting the equipment when you're ready begin your spring cleaning regimen. If renting isn't an option, there are plenty of certified or recommended professional cleaners well-equipped to handle your major cleaning projects. On this website you will learn about the benefits of renting a carpet cleaning machine, and the guidelines in hiring a professional steam cleaner.

If you see the word "vapor" to describe a steam cleaning system, then be assured you are actually discussing a piece of equipment that produces a hot steam! The word "vapor" is used by manufacturers of those devices to distinguish their steam cleaning appliances from so-called carpet steam cleaners that are really water-extractors.

Steam cleaning systems can rid your home of allergens and bacteria, like dust mites and salmonella, that may flourish undetected, no matter how spotless your home. Their powerful steam can clean hard surface floors, counters and walls, and is a recommended means of cleaning tile grout and even wood floors. It may be necessary to use a cloth "diaper" over the steam head to prevent vapor drops from forming on some surfaces, but a quality vapor steamer will provide plenty of instruction on how to clean different surfaces.

The small yet powerful Scunci Steamer, the Shark Portable Steamer, and Jiffy, Rowenta and Conair garment and fabric steamers appeal to cleaning-conscious consumers are looking for the added ease of a hand-held and ultra-portable steamers for getting the wrinkles out of clothes or mud off of hubcabs. For large, expansive steam cleaning jobs, an entire bathroom, all the windows in your homes, family mattresses, furniture – consider investing in a top-quality, portable steam system by Ladybug, Whitewing or SteamFast – with continuous fill features and stainless steel boilers, these are more expensive than the typical handhelds, but for big, repetitive cleaning tasks, worth the extra money.

Whether you want to deep clean your carpet or steam clean your kitchen counters, you'll find out here the best methods and machines to accomplish the task – so spring into cleaning, full steam ahead!

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