Best Carpet Shampooers: Reviews and Ratings

For whatever reason, Consumer Reports last rated the best carpet shampooer brands and models in 2003. Those rug cleaner models are no longer available.

Don’t waste your money on a subscription if you are looking for Consumer Reports carpet shampooers’ comparisons. Instead, follow the advice from Consumer Report readers on their lists of the best carpet shampooers.

Bissell 9400 Proheat 2X Select Deep Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Proheat carpet shampooer line comes with an internal heated water tank. By using hot water and turning the heated tank on, the hot water sprayed by the Bissell rug shampooer removes set in stains.

Carpet Shampooer - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

A Bissell shampooer uses a special Bissell carpet shampoo that helps break up the proteins in the stains on your carpet and restore the carpet fibers’ plushness. Dual beater brushes help remove dirt, dust and pollen from deep within your carpet while fluffing the carpet fibers to restore it to a like-new state. In addition, Bissell Proheat carpet shampooers include a setting for heavy, normal, light or rinse. This helps the machine customize the amount of carpet shampoo to your carpet quality.

Dirt Devil CE7900 Platinum Force Carpet Extractor

This Dirt Devil carpet shampooer comes with dual brush heads to help lift out ground in dirt and lifting the carpet’s nap. A 25-foot power cord makes it easy to reach most areas in your house without having to switch outlets. Plus, it has a storage caddy for additional nozzles for upholstery and stair cleaning.

With Dirt Devil’s carpet shampooers, you can turn off the cleaning solution tank for clean water rinsing of your carpet. This is ideal for families with babies and toddlers who spend plenty of time on the carpet.

Hoover F5914-900 Steamvac with Clean Surge

The Steamvac Hoover Carpet Shampooer is another highly rated model by Consumer Report readers. There are tips people use to ensure all old stains come out. This includes adding some boiling water to the water tank and adding a cup of white vinegar to the solution to help remove set-in stains.

Hoover’s carpet shampooers include five rotating brush heads to help lift out dirt and grime. They also have two water tanks, one for dirty water and one for clean. The additional upholstery attachment makes cleaning your furniture, stairs and curtains a snap!

Hoover has a line of carpet shampoos to fit your needs, including fragrance-free, Oxy-Clean and pet formulas.

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