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There are plenty of do-it-yourself cleaning methods on the market and one of the most popular, and inexpensive, is to rent a carpet steam cleaner machine.

You can rent commercial-quality steam cleaners (really, wet extraction cleaners) that are more powerful than home units, but almost as easy to use.

Rental steam cleaners are availableat many stores (i.e., Depot, Lowe's, etc), grocery chains and rental centers. If you want to steam clean your carpets yourself, be careful to follow the directions with your machine, don't over wet or over soap the carpet as this can cause your carpets to attract dirt and other particles and become soiled more quickly. Be aware that most rental units will leave your carpets wetter, and require the tank to be emptied several times during the cleaning process. Be careful not to spill the soiled water back onto the carpet as you empty the tank.

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Although the rental price of the machine itself may be inexpensive, the added cost of cleaning solutions (shampoo, de-foamer, spot removers, odor removers, etc.) can make it a pricier option.

If you wish to clean the upholstery in your home, car, boat, or recreational vehicle, you can usually rent additional attachments for a small fee.

A well-known name in carpet rental equipment is Rug Doctor, with more than 31,000 rental locations across the U.S. and more than 130,000 Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines in service at grocery, drug, home center and hardware stores.

Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning the carpets yourself with a rental steam cleaner is a viable alternative to calling in a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. These heavy duty cleaners are effective on fresh or old stains. A carpet agitator enables you to spray liquid on the carpet, scrub lightly, then bring the wand back over the area several times to bring up all the water. The trick is to keep traffic off the carpet overnight, ideally with a box or oscillating fan on to enhance the drying effect.



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