Chem Dry Carpet Cleaner Reviews

When you want your carpets returned to new, Chem Dry carpet cleaner reviews paint a vivid picture. Their low-water cleaning system takes out old, set-in stains and returns carpets to like-new condition.

ChemDry carpet shampooing system uses environmentally friendly carpet shampoo and high-powered suction to remove stains and odors without leaving water in the carpeting. The professional steam carpet shampoo system ensures carpets dry within two hours eliminating the potential for mildew to grow on the sub-flooring. Have your carpet professionally cleaned and be able to walk on your carpeting in little time!

Understanding the ChemDry system helps ensure this system will work for you. The professional carpet cleaner comes in and sprays your carpeting with a cleaning solution. Next, they use a buffer to loosen ground in dirt and dust. Finally, the steam extraction unit removes the cleaner and grime. Your carpet smells fresh and looks great

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What Satisfied Customers Have to Say

“I was amazed by the quality of the cleaning performed by Chem Dry carpet shampooing. I own a number of dogs who love to slobber on my furniture. I couldn’t imagine getting drool stains out of my couch and removing the dog odor from my carpeting, but Chem Dry did the job!” – Michelle in Atlanta

“After moving into my new home, I was shocked to find the carpeting covered in urine stains. Worse, in the heat, you could smell cat urine. I called in ChemDry rug cleaners and they not only removed every stain, but they removed the horrible smell too!” – Fay in Orlando.

“I rented a Rug Doctor hoping to remove old stains from my carpeting. Rug Doctor didn’t do the trick. Needing to improve my home for sale, I decided to spend a couple hundred and hire Chem-Dry. They even got ink from my carpeting!” – Taylor in Los Angeles.

“Imagine the horror of your new Siamese cat marking his territory all over an antique Oriental rug! That’s what I faced when I moved into my boyfriend’s home! Thankfully, Chem Dry rug shampooing services got the stain and odor out.” Susan – San Francisco.

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