Electrolux Carpet Shampooer - Floor Shampoo and Cleaner

Since the early 1900s, Electrolux has been a leader in innovative, productive carpet cleaners including Electrolux carpet shampooers.

The Electrolux line of vacuum steam cleaners is known as the Sanitaire line. These cleaning systems come with a two-year warranty. You know you are getting quality.

Sanitaire/Electolux Carpet Shampooer Models

Sanitaire extractors give your carpets the professionally cleaned look without having to allow strangers into your home. There are three models of carpet shampoo extractors. They include:

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SC6070: 55-PSI water pressure comes from the 1.5-gallon water tank. This model comes with a metal upholstery-cleaning tool. Electrolux carpet shampooer model SC6070 is best for stair, curtain and upholstery cleaning, as well as cleaning spills.
SC6080: With 150 PSI of water pressure and a 9-gallon tank, this is a larger model for those with plenty of rooms to clean. In addition, the carpet shampooer comes with a 12-inch metal cleaning wand making it good for small rooms.
SC6090: The 9-gallon tank sprays with 100 PSI. The unit includes a 17-inch motorized brush for cleaning. This is the best choice for carpeting.

Sanitaire’s line of carpet shampoos and rug shampooers have two-stage motors and usually come with 8-foot vacuum hoses making it easy to clean stairs, upholstery and curtains. In addition, the floor units clean wide strips of carpeting in one path saving time and energy while using a carpet shampooer.

Electrolux carpet shampooer machines are geared for commercial applications like in hotels, businesses and medical centers, but the smaller models are great for home use too. These machines are more expensive than brands you would find in discounters like Wal-Mart or Sears, but they are also far more powerful and clean quickly.

Electrolux Carpet Shampoo

Electrolux carpet shampooers use a specialized formula for cleaning rugs and carpets. The carpet shampoos include powerful cleaners that excel at lifting trapped dirt. The Electrolux Turbo shampoo comes in one-liter bottles that can be purchased in many retailers and online.

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