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Home carpet cleaning extractors use a powerful cleaning solution to loosen ground in dirt and stains and then the extractor removes the cleaner and grime. This is generally the most effective of all steamer carpet shampooer systems.

Carpet cleaner/shampooer machines include a water tank for the mix of hot water and carpet shampoo or a dry foam cleaning product. The machine sprays this mix into the carpeting. The extractor sucks up most of the water and then you must let the carpeting dry out. Once the carpet is dry, you vacuum up the remaining dried residue

Top Brands of Home Carpet Cleaning Extractors

The four top brands of home carpet cleaning extractors include:

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Dirt Devil

These carpet cleaning shampooers are found in many stores including Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target and Sears. Prices vary, as does the cleaning power.

Bissell Rug Shampooers

Bissell’s ProHeat 2X carpet cleaning machines receive high praise from homeowners. Most have water tanks that heat the water within the clean water tank. Pet owners will benefit from the ProHeat 2X Select Pet home carpet cleaning extractor that excels at removing pet odors and urine stains.

Dirt Devil Home Carpet Cleaning Extractors

Dirt Devil’s Featherlite carpet extractor is an affordable brand that most homeowners can easily afford. If you have a little more money to spend, the Platinum Force Carpet Shampooer has a wider cleaning path and stronger motor for excellent extraction power.

The handheld Pets Portable Extractor is great for pet owners who frequently clean up their dog or cat’s urine and/or vomit stains.

Hoover Carpet Shampooing Machines

Hoover carpet cleaning extractors come backed with years of carpet cleaning experience. Hoover is one of the oldest vacuum brands available. Hoover’s Platinum Carpet Shampooer is one of the best on the market. Their patented MaxExtract Technology uses brushes that agitate the carpet in different directions to life the maximum amount of ground in dirt and allergens. The high-powered motor extracts the dirt and cleaning solution in record time and an added heater speeds up the drying process so that your carpet is ready to walk on in less time.

Kenmore Carpet Shampooers

Sears sells the Kenmore line of home vacuum steamer shampooers. The Kenmore Professional Carpet Shampooer and Hard Floor Cleaner is perfect for homes with carpeting, hardwood floors and tile or linoleum. Different attachments turn the carpet shampooer into a floor buffer in little time. You can clean every floor surface with this all-in-one unit.

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