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Cookware can't turn a poor cook into a great chef, but when you're buying cookware the right choices can make any cook's life easier. This cookware buying guide should help.

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Cookware technology has improved tremendously in recent years, with even inexpensive supermarket brands taking advantage of recent advances in materials science and cookware design.

A cookware aficionado today has more choices than ever, in pots and pans, small appliances, stoves, ovens, . you name it. This site describes a lot of popular lines of cookware as well as some of the popular appliances that can simplify routine kitchen work and help you expand your cooking repertoire.

Cookware Brands

Stainless Steel Cookware

Many of the familiar brands you may have grown up with (depending on your age, of course) have disappeared or changed over the years. Companies have gone out of business or sold off cookware lines to other manufacturers. Technologies that were once cutting edge are now obsolete. Products that might still be great failed in the marketplace.

But new brands and new technologies, from clad stainless steel cookware to silicone bakeware have replaced them, some of them real marvels. And a lot of the old standbys are still around, from copper cookware to cast iron cookware, serving cooks as well as they have for a century or more.

Today a lot of people approach cooking with a new sense of personal style combined with a strong health consciousness about the way they cook. People think about the materials they use, the energy they consume, the amount and kind of fat they cook with, and how their kitchens look when they invite guests over. They think about preserving nutrients in fresh foods. But they still yearn for the traditional comfort foods, too. The right cookware can help you address all of those concerns.

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