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Anolon cookware sets are sturdy, practical, nonstick, anodized aluminum and are available in titanium, classic and professional sets.

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Covering Your Entire Cooking Needs. Anolon cookware is available in four grades. All are targeted at the home market, and there is a straight-line correlation between price and performance.

In addition to pots and pans, Meyer cookware markets cutlery, bakeware, stainless steel accessories and tools, and serving pieces under the Anolon name, with sufficient visual consistency that this makes sense from a marketing standpoint.

Anolon Cookware Cooks' Benefits:


Great Cooking Yet Moderate Life Span. An Anolon cookware set is not something you're going to pass down to your grandchildren. Nonstick cookware doesn't last that long. But Anolon uses the two best nonstick grades that DuPont offers; so you're not going to have to toss this stuff in the dumpster two years from now, either. As with all nonstick cookware, you should not use it over high heat.

  • Anolon Titanium offers a hard-anodized, nonporous, titanium-doped exterior and DuPont Autograph II nonstick interior. The company describes it as dishwasher-safe if you use selected brands of dishwasher detergent. That's an unusual claim for a nonstick pot. Stainless steel handles are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Lids are solid aluminum with stainless steel handles.

  • Anolon Advanced cookware offers silicone and stainless steel ergonomic handles that reduce the limit to a 400-degree oven. This line has Autograph II coating inside and out. It is not advertised as dishwasher-safe. Lids are tempered glass, with silicone and stainless steel handles.

  • Anolon Professional line offers riveted stainless steel handles on both the anodized aluminum, Autograph-lined pans (not Autograph II) and the tempered glass lids. The pots are oven-safe to 500 degrees, the lids to 400 degrees.

  • Anolon Classic has phenolic plastic handles, which means these pots are limited to oven use under 350 degrees. The pots are Autograph-lined and have tempered glass-domed lids.

You can get Anolon in a variety of shapes in modest sizes, just right for families and small gatherings.

Anolon's website promotes itself as an "Earth Friendly" manufacturer. Anolon cookware is a middle-quality line from Meyer Corporation.

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