Choosing Appliance Covers For Your Pots And Pans

Learn about makes, models, and materials used in appliance covers for kitchen pots and pans. Complete your kitchen cookware sets with small appliance covers.

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One Size Fits Other Cookware. Cookware appliance covers are mostly interchangeable. There are exceptions. However, in the US, at least, the majority of cookware set pans have top diameters measured in whole inches.

So an appliance cover that fits one 10-inch pan usually will fit another, even if it's a different brand or made from a different material. Many cookware sets have two small appliance covers with the same diameter which you're meant to share with both pans.

Naturally, when you least expect it, and most need it, you'll reach for a single kitchen appliance cover when you have two identically sized Saucepans on the boil.

Pot and Pan

ppliance covers features to know about:

  • Many small appliance covers have steam vents that you can close or open.

  • Other kitchen appliance covers have a built-in strainer that you can use to drain food. This is convenient, but a colander works as well, of course.

  • Glass lids are handy; if you have just one pot with a glass lid, you'll find yourself always using that particular pot to cook rice.

  • High-end cookware often advertises particularly tight-fitting or interlocking lids, but it isn't always important to have a tight fit so long as you have a pretty good fit.

You can also buy a large appliance cover that has ridges to fit multiple standard round pan sizes. This - or an old canning pot lid - is good to have around.

One other thing to keep in mind: Oval pans need oval appliance covers. You won't find many that are interchangeable; so get the one that goes with the pan.

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