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Corning cookware gives you strong, durable ceramic ovenware - bakeware, casseroles, and ramekins - notably their French White line.

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Contemporary Kitchen Tools. Modern Corning cookware is strictly ovenware - bakeware, casseroles, and ramekins. The French White line, which has the look of porcelain cookware, has been around for some time and continues to be supported.

New Company - Improved Quality. The Corning cookware brand is still very much alive, even if it's made by a new company. If you have the old range-top CorningWare pots, you'll have to go to online auction sites and second-hand stores to add pieces that match the ones you have. But you can still buy CorningWare new.


Seriously Long Life Products. The CorningWare of yesteryear - remember the Cornflower pattern? - is gone, gone, gone. Except, of course, the stuff is indestructible, so every piece of it ever made is still in somebody's kitchen, and almost every kitchen in America has at least one piece of it. Similarly, Corning Visions Pyrex stovetop cookware is no longer made.

Corningware History. CorningWare was long touted as the first and most practical household product to come out of the US space program. It was introduced in 1958 by Corning Glass Works, but in the financial turmoil that engulfed the company in recent decades, the retail brands under Corning Consumer Products.

In addition the company has a variety of newer and more colorful lines. The FAQ page on the corningware website (go to the Expert Answers tab to find it), tells you what stores carry which lines.

Company were purchased by Borden/KKR and later spun off with other familiar brands to form World Kitchens, Inc., in 2000. World Kitchen's other household names include the two former Corning brands Pyrex cookware and Corelle tableware; EKCO and their Baker's Secret; Revere cookware; Olfa; Chicago Cutlery; and Magnalite cookware.


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