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Good pots and pans make the cookware set to create pleasure cooking rather than chores. Learn about pots and pans designs, as well as major brands such as T Fal, Revere, Le Creuset and more.

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Pots and pans are part of your kitchen tools arsenal, along with kitchen mixers, food processors, knives, and appliances. Poorly designed pots and pans can result in your working harder than you have to in the kitchen. Talented cooks have turned out fabulous meals with not much more than a couple of tin cans and a hotplate. And lousy cooks are not suddenly going to become great chefs because they invest in the finest pots and pans money can buy.

Pots and Pans

Still, pots and pans are important; and you should get the best ones you can afford. It's better to have a few really good pots and pans rather than a kitchen cluttered with a dozen more pots than you'll ever use, all of them mediocre.

Start with the basics, a sauté pan , a saucepan, and a decent-size stockpot. These should be heavy, the heavier the better, with thick bottoms and, if you can afford it, full cladding up the sides. The main idea is to distribute heat evenly and have a pan that responds quickly when you raise or lower the heat. Modern high-end pots and pans such as Le Creuset cookware are made of metals that conduct heat well, with either copper or aluminum performing that function. Even modestly priced lines such as Club cookware at least have heavy aluminum bottoms. Full cladding draws the heat up the sides of the pot, which helps when you're cooking a big pot of stew or soup or sautéing a pan full of meat.

In the cast iron cookware segment, pick a skillet and an enameled cast iron Dutch oven. After that, pick your pots and pans one piece at a time when the need arises, keeping in mind the style of cooking you do and the size group you are likely to feed.

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