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Presto cookware, including pressure cookers, pressure canners, and electrical appliances are made in the US by an old-line American manufacturing company

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Presto cookware consists primarily of several models each of Presto pressure cooker , Presto pressure canner, and electrical gadgets and gizmos. You have your choice of several models of frying pan, griddle, deep fryer, coffee maker, teakettle, corn popper, and pizza oven.

Presto cookware is made by National Presto Industries, Inc., which started out in 1905 as Northwestern Steel and Iron Works. National Presto became early leaders in the manufacture of commercial canning retorts and then leveraged that expertise to become leaders in the home pressure canner business and then the pressure cooker business. Now National Presto are one of the leading manufacturers of small electrical appliances.

Presto Cookware

You've probably seen - and your mother or grandmother has probably owned - more than one Presto appliance. Their first electric percolator from the 1950s is a design icon of the era. More recently, you've seen commercials for some of their novel appliances like the SaladShooter or the Pizzazz pizza oven. But they're still strong in pressure cookers, canners, and electric frying pans, too.

One more thing: Do you have a great idea for a new kitchen appliance? Presto actively solicits inventor submissions on the website. Just look for the "inventor info" link.


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