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Discover how food steamers handle many foods, like different types of rice and milk. Popular rice steamers add to your kitchenware and give you new menu options.

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Food steamers are modestly priced countertop electric appliances that do a perfect job of preparing rice, hot dogs, vegetables, milk and much more. Many food steamer models can cook vegetables either separately or at the same time as a batch of rice.

Rice steamers vary in capacity and features. Some rice steamers can add aromatics as they cook. On many rice steamer models you can select from a menu for any type of rice (brown, semi-brown, sweet, mixed, porridge, or sushi, for example). All rice steamers shut off as soon as all the water is absorbed, and most can hold the rice at serving temperature for several hours.


Other types of Food Steamers

Food steamers are not limited to dairy and rice. Many home cooks have employed hot dog steamers into their home menu. A hot dog steamer allows you to start your meal, knowing that your hot dogs will cook without charring, as can occur when an outside patio grill gets too hot for even a minute. A hot dog steamer also effectively "pulls out" a lot of excessive fat used in the earlier production of your hot dogs, therein removing this cholesterol-enhancing property from your meal.

Many home and professionals cooks realize that their stainless cookware - especially the iron or copper clad variety - can act as a first-class rice steamer, similar in principle to waterless cookware. Say, for instance, that you own a Wolfgang Puck cookware set. You'll notice that the appliance covers are beveled so as to create a half-inch "lip" or edge as it rests on your sauce pan. It's easy to convert your sauce pan to a vegetable or rice steamer by simply bringing the contents to an initial boil, just enough that you get a small puff of steam from underneath the appliance cover. As soon as you first notice steam, then immediately lower your heat to the lowest "simmer" position, sufficient to produce a slight bubbling along your sauce pan lid, but little if any steam emitted. Your lid "rides" on an airtight bubble, cooking your rice or vegetables perfectly.

Milk steamers are also another application for this kitchenware design. When you eventually inherit or sort out your collection of pots and pans, knives, food processors, kitchen mixers, bakeware and cake pans, as well as major appliances, don't forget to include the handy food steamer.

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