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Get the right stockpot for your cooking needs. Stainless steel stock pots are available in all sizes and qualities.

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Stock pot sizes generally run from 6 to 20 or more quarts in size. The best quality, fully clad, stainless steel stockpot in the largest size can be a significant investment and well worth it if you make your own stocks from scratch.

If all you're doing is cooking pasta or potatoes, then a low-cost, single-ply stainless steel stock pot from the supermarket may suit you, combined with a best-quality smaller stock pot.

More Information about Stock Pots:

Stock Pot

Stock pots made with full cladding (a heat distribution layer that extends up the sides of the pot) heat more quickly and is more energy-efficient than one with only a heavy bottom. This becomes more important with taller stock pots.

Your best and most common choices of cooking surface for your stock pot include stainless steel (usually the first choice). Similarly, in the various nonstick cookware lines, you'll be able to quickly find a non-stick stock pot. At the high end of the professional-level stock pot, of course, is tin-lined copper. If you have or plan to get an induction range, check that the outside or at least one internal layer is a made of a suitable material.

A quality stock pot should be part of your overall kitchenware collection. Stainless steel stock pots will complement your stainless cookware, plus give balance to your other kitchen tools such as food processors, kitchen mixers, cake pans and bakeware , along with your choice of knives, cutting boards, and major appliances.

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