Robot Vacuums ... Enter iRobot Roomba Vacuum For Technology Convenience

Generation leading iRobot Roomba vacuums are smart, programmable, time-saving task robots that handle rugs, carpet, tile and hardwood floors.

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Space Age Roomba Robot Vacuum. Evolving out of space-age technology associated with interstellar exploration via robots, robot vacuum cleaners like the iRobot Roomba Discoveryor Scooba incorporate microprocessor binary logic systems ... entry level AI artificial intelligence ... doing your housework while you stay busy with other tasks and hobbies.

Saves Your Time With Your iRobot Roomba. Your Roomba vacuum cleaner creates an entirely new, refreshing look at housework. You don't want to do your floors? Then don't. iRobot Roomba will! Place your Roomba vacuum in the middle of the room ... make a setting decision to small, medium or large for room size ... push go ... then walk away. Roomba does the rest. Beginning in your room's center, Roomba Discovery makes a cleaning circle ... and then widens it until the entire floor has been thoroughly cleaned.

iRobot  Robotic Vacuum

Competing With Humans For Cleaning Effectiveness. Star Wars' R2-D2 opened viewers' eyes to the possibility of smart technology. Fast forward 30 years and consumer markets open up to a new wave of robot vacuum cleaners. Category-leading Roomba vac handles all of your floors and will expertly clean hardwood, tile, lino, rugs, carpeting, concrete ... even while you sleep! Hair, pet fur, paper, pet dander, food, sand, dirt ... virtually anything.

Bag Free Robot Smart . Your iRobot Roomba 4210 Discovery designs simplicity and ease-of-use into everyday cleaning. No messy replacement bags. Plug-and-play ease means that you simple collect your pet Roomba after he's finished ... only 6 pounds or so ... then empty out and re-set for another room.

The Programming "Secret" Within Your Model Discovery Pet Roomba. Built off a technology platform originally dedicated to remote handling of armaments, bomb detonation, perimeter fence guarding, robot pool vacuums, reconnaissance missions too dangerous for humans, the consumer products version of Roomba vacuum cleaner utilizes a mix of microprocessors and sensors to direct its cleaning action. Bump into the leg of your sofa ... your model 4230 Roomba pauses, withdraws ... then resumes cleaning. Contact-verify-action lies at the heart of the Roomba vac programming.

Roomba Battery Pack And Recharging. No messy power cord with your iRobot Roomba! Running totally on stored energy, your mighty Roomba vacuum can run tirelessly for an hour or more off the mix of on-board standard batteries. Clean until your heart is content ... then go online for a Roomba battery replacement pack to re-charge your robot buddy.

Irobot Roomba Models To Know About. Check list your cleaning needs, available time or if physically challenged look into the range of iRobot models including Roomba Discovery and the Roomba Scooba. Also, the iRobot Roomba scheduler allows you to pre-set your buddy on vacuuming times and specific rooms ... all entirely programmable from the convenience of your chair.

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