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Learn about kitchen knives and major knife brands. Understand differences in knives designs when used every day for food preparation. Online resources to guide you to the best brands and designs of knives available today.

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Kitchen knives are some of the most commonly used knives. This site will help guide you through the different kinds of kitchen knife, and useful accessories like the butcher block, cutting board, and knife block.

You'll learn the differences between the major European styles of knives, including the chef knife, boning knife, bread knife, carving knife, (including electric carving knives), and the steak knife.

Kitchen Knives

You'll also discover the major kinds of Japanese knife, including the Santoku and sushi knife.

Learn about the most famous, as well as the most practical and best kitchen knife brands to help you find the knives that best suit your needs. Be aware of the relevant warranty information you want before purchasing a knife.

Kitchen: Some of the major market-leading knives brands include:

  • Cutco knife products, like the Cutco knife block, Cutco knife set, and the Cutco hunting knife.
  • Global Knife products, like the sleek Global knife block, the Global kitchen knife design, and the Global knife set, as well as Global knife sharpening guides and other products.
  • Henckels Knife kitchen line, from their serrated knife Eversharp blade design to their elegant knife block sets.
  • Kershaw Knife, their award-winning kitchen knives and their rugged hunting and outdoors knife lines, as well as the Kershaw diving knife.
  • Miracle Blade 3, one of the most affordable kitchen knife block sets on the market.
  • Sabatier Knife, how to find authentic Sabatier knife makers rather than copies who sell a lower quality Sabatier knife block set.
  • Wusthof Knife, from their Wusthof Santoku knife to traditional cooks knives, one of the oldest and largest knife makers in the world.

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