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The carving knife is an essential kitchen knife for cutting and serving meat. Learn about the many online products including electric carving knives. Kitchen tool specialists online to assist you, offering great selections and low prices.

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A carving knife is typically long, ranging in length from eight to 11 inches. These knives have a very sharp, tapered blade that ends in a sharp point. This makes it easier for the cook to cut through thick pieces of meat.

When made from stainless steel, carving knives can be very rigid, flexible, or semi-flexible. A rigid carving knife is better for tougher meats, like ham or beef. Flexible carving knives are better for softer meats, like poultry or fish. A semi-flexible carving knife is better for medium-tough meats, like lamb.

Carving Knife

If you tend to eat a wide variety of meats, it may be best to purchase a carving knife set, which should come with all three choices of carving knives, as well as a carving fork, a two-pronged fork that holds the meat in place as it is cut.

There are also electric carving knives available. An electric carving knife often comes with multiple blades that are used for different tasks. The blades are moved in a sawing motion by a motor in the handle, so the cook doesn't need to exert as much force in order to cut the meat. For convenience and portability, a cordless carving knife may be the best choice when purchasing an electric knife.

There are also ceramic carving knives available. Ceramic knives tend to keep their sharpness as well as steel blades do, but they are very fragile and can break when dropped. Also, they cannot be sharpened with a home knife sharpener. Despite these drawbacks, there are many advantages to choosing a ceramic knife. Many people prefer ceramic to steel for blades.

For the hobbyist, there are wood carving knives. A wood carving knife is designed to cut and shape wood. The blades on wood carving knives are typically short, about half an inch to two inches long, with very sharp, short blades, usually at the tips. Wood carving knives are very much like chisels, and can be used by applying pressure to the handle or by lightly hammering the butt of the handle.

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