Hanging Kitchen Pot and Pan Racks - Hooks

Learn about hanging kitchen pot and pan rack designs and manufacturers. These handy kitchen storage devices free up cupboard space. Your pots and pans hang from hooks attached to the pot rack framing allowing you to keep your pans handy without crowding your cabinetry.

Hanging a Kitchen Pot and Pan Rack

Whether you choose a ceiling or wall mounted pot and pan rack, you must secure it to the studs in your wall or ceiling. Failing to secure the pot rack to studs can cause it to rip out when you add pans and crash to the floor. This is an expensive mistake if you have tile, granite or marble floors and counters.

If you're hanging your kitchen pot and pan rack on the wall, choose a location where the pans are near your cook top but not in your way. The pots and pans do hang down, so you don't want to be bashing your head into them when working at the counter.

Hanging pot racks are best hung over a refrigerator or island countertop. If you have low ceilings, look into the pot racks specifically designed to mount closer to the ceiling keeping pots and pans out of your way.

Tips for Installing Hanging Kitchen Pot and Pan Racks

Most companies include the mounting hardware with your pot rack. It's important to check the length of the wood screws though. Some companies do not consider the width of sheet rock when supplying the hardware. If the screws barely get through the sheetrock, there will not be enough screw in the stud to support your pots and pans. Head to your local hardware store for longer screws.

Consider location carefully. Once the hanging pot rack is installed, you won't want to have to move it. Keep it close to the stove without putting it in the way of foot traffic.

Hanging kitchen pot and pan rack hooks come with any pots and pans rack. However, the number of hooks may not be enough. When shopping for a kitchen pot rack, order extra hooks at that time. Even if you don't use them all, you may need extras in the future.

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