Chlorine Filter Shower Head - Removing Chlorine with Filters

Tired of your shower water drying your skin and hair, a chlorine filter shower head eliminates these problems. Public water systems clean water using a mix of chemicals, including chlorine. The strong odor is unpleasant, but the drying effect leads to dry hair and skin and messes with color-treated hair. You're probably spending hundreds of dollars a year on products needed to add moisture to your body.

Look for chlorine filter shower heads that remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals. There are dozens of possibilities, so make sure you check the price of the filters and weigh that cost against the filter's life.

Installing a Chlorine Filter Shower Head

Save money with a chlorine filter shower head. The shower filters are simple to install. Simply unscrew your current shower head from the shower pipe. Clean off the pipe, removing any old Teflon tape. Put a new layer of Teflon tape over the end to help prevent any leaks and screw the chlorine filter shower head onto the pipe. Turn on the shower and check for leaks, tightening connects if a leak occurs, and you're done.

Popular Chlorine Filter Shower Head Brands and Models

The Sprite High Output Chlorine Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head receives high marks from users. At under $50, the shower filter offers a nice array of massage settings. One filter lasts for an entire year and replacement filters usually cost under $30 ensuring the cost of usage remains low. In addition to chlorine, the filters also remove copper, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide and lead.

Culligan offers a chlorine filter shower head that needs filtration cartridge replacement every 10,000 gallons, approximately 6 months. The inexpensive shower filters remove sulfur and chlorine from your water.

Aquasana Shower Filters off a few suitable chlorine filter shower heads. Their 4100SF is a best-selling model that not only removes chlorine, but also removes copper, lead, synthetic chemicals used to condition public water, VOCs and odors like sulfur.

Vitashower filtration systems boost the quality of your purified water with a burst of vitamin C. The shower filters hold vitamin C tablets that add a dose of the antioxidant to your skin as you shower. Filters for this system cost less than $30 and require changing every 15,000 gallons, about 9 months.

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