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Before making a purchase, compare shower filters reviews. The features of the different shower water filters vary and what works for one home might not be suitable for yours. Key considerations should be water pressure, the contaminants you want removed and the cost of use.

When you compare shower filter reviews, don't be fooled by ratings. Consumer's Digest gives their first choice an A, while their second choice gets an A+. The difference involves the replacement shower filter cartridges. The higher the price of a replacement filter, the more it costs to use the shower filter. However, for better water quality, that price difference might not matter.

Aquasana AQ4100 Shower Filter

The Aquasana AQ4100 shower filtration system is inexpensive to purchase and use. At less than $70 and filters costing less than $50, you'll find the cost of use is minimal, on average around 20 cents a day. The company suggests changing the shower filter cartridge every 10,000 gallons which averages to twice a year.

Aquasana's shower filter removes chlorine, THMs, VOCs, copper and lead. It has a stronger flow rate than comparative models and is considered one of the best shower filters on the market by companies that compare shower filters and review them.

Borealis ThermalRain with April Shower Filtration System

The Borealis ThermalRain showerhead comes with an April Shower Filtration System. The combined unit is priced at under $100 and offers a unique feature. LED lighting, operated by the water pressure, tells you when the water is your ideal temperature. If the water is cold, the lighting is blue, but as the temperature increases, it goes from blue to purple to red.

Shower filter cartridges cost under $20 and need replacing every six months. The filter removes 98 percent of the chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, odors, lead and copper in your water.

Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Filter

The Jonathan Beauty Water shower filter system costs under $100 and requires twice yearly filter replacements. It's better than the Aquasana system at removing lead and copper, but costs more to use because replacement shower water filters cost more than $50 each. If lead and copper removal is important to you, this is often the better shower filter model to choose.

Showerwise Water Filter

Showerwise Water Filter systems cost under $90 and require filter replacements every three months. The filter system is only good at removing chlorine and odors from your water, making it a better choice if you're on city water systems. If you want full protection from heavy metals, there are better models.

Because the model fits behind your shower head, this water filter does reduce the height of your shower. For tall people, that can be problematic.

Wellness Filter Shower Filtration

The Wellness Filter is most expensive at more than $200. Filters are also expensive, but only need replacing once a year. This can be beneficial to those who don't want to have to deal with a shower filter cartridge replacement every few months.

The Wellness Filter Shower system removes toxins and chemicals, including chlorine, copper and lead. It reduces water flow to 2 gallons per minute making for great water savings, but potentially changing the overall feel of your morning shower.

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