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Experts differ over the necessity of a fluoride shower filter. It's believed that fluoride only enters the body through ingestion. You have to drink fluoride water for it to get into your system. Some still feel that fluoride can leech into the pores of your skin. If you worry about the effect of fluoride on your skin, hair or internal health, there are fluoride shower filters available.

Are you concerned about the contaminants in your shower water...fluoride, chlorine to name a few?

Golden Illumination's shower filter with a showerhead includes the Copper Light-Life Ring™ for neutralizing Fluorides but is optional. The copper ring is produced from twisted copper wire 3-1/2 cubits and 4 inches in diameter.

The KDF media in Golden Illumination's shower filter is considered to be the most effective media known for controlling algae, bacteria, fungus, mold, parasites, viruses, and other pathogens; effectively neutralizes harmful inorganic chemicals like chlorine, and it's many harmful chemical derivatives; and removes heavy metals.

Reduce Up to 40 Percent of Fluoride in the Shower

TurboShower makes a shower head and filter unit that reduces up to 40 percent of the fluoride in your shower water. In addition, it also filters out aluminum, chlorine, lime, mercury and sulfur.

The TurboShower units are sold online for under $70. The shower filters must be replaced after 26,000 gallons, approximately one year, and cost less than $30, so the cost of use for this shower filter is very low.

Crystal Quest Shower Filters Remove Many Toxins

Crystal Quest shower filters are highly recommended by Consumer's Digest. At less than $60, these are inexpensive filtration systems for your shower. The filter systems come in a hand-held shower head combination unit perfect for those who really prefer a hand-held shower head for bathing themselves and even pets.

The shower filter system offers two-stage filtering to remove chlorine, fluoride and other potential toxins. Changing the filter yearly ensures optimal water quality with every shower.

The shower water filters are very inexpensive and usually cost less than $25. Because of this low cost, you'll find your yearly expense of improving your shower water is minimal.

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