Hard Water Shower Filter - Remove Hard Water with Filters

Install a hardwater shower filter for the benefit of your skin and hair. Minerals in hard water dry your skin and hair leading to hair breakage, skin rashes and wasted money. Chances are high that to improve the condition of your skin and hair, you're spending hundreds every year on expensive conditioners, shampoos and skin creams. Until you change your water quality, your skin and hair will continue to be dry and dull.

A hardwater shower filter removes the minerals that cause skin and hair problems. It also saves you money on replacement shower heads. Within a few months, hard water deposits and lime scale cling to the holes on the shower head causing blockages and restricting water flow.

Hard Water Causes Cleaning Problems

Beyond the benefits to your skin and hair, hard water creates impossible stains on your bathtub floor and walls. If you've every spent hours trying to get rid of lime, rust or other mineral stains, you know how time consuming it is. A hardwater shower filter prevents these stains from occurring on your tub.

Enjoy cleaning your bathtub in a matter of minutes instead of hours! With a hardwater shower filter, you'll stop spending money on expensive cleaners that never work effectively anyway.

Reliable Brands of Hardwater Shower Filters

The Ion hardwater shower filter system reduces chlorine, hard water deposits and bacteria from your shower water. Using a ceramic filter, the filter eliminates mineral build up and removes bacteria and chlorine. The ceramic beads balance the ions found in the water. Best of all, the filter never needs replacing.

Aquapure Pro hardwater shower filters by Sante receive high praise for balancing the pH of your water. The filter system removes minerals, chlorine, heavy meals, chemicals and bacteria. Aquapure Pro hardwater shower filter cartridges need replacing every six months for best results.

The Aquasana AQ4100 deluxe shower water filter is relatively inexpensive and named one of the best shower filters on the market by Consumer's Digest. The shower filter removes 99 percent of the chlorine in your water, and also removes minerals, heavy metals and many dangerous chemicals. One filter lasts 10,000 gallons and the two-stage filters use environmentally-friendly coconut shell carbon to filter your water.

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