Steam Cleaners – Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner in your Home

Here's to the strength of steam, harnessed in a steam cleaner! A naturally powerful cleaning force, steam leaves no toxic residue on surfaces, nor does it discolour clothing.

Even emitted at a low pressure, the heat of steam alone is able to rid your home of unseen allergens and bacteria as well as visible dirt and grease. Steam cleaners can be used virtually anywhere in the home or workplace, garden, car or caravan for a wide variety of tasks.

Steam Cleaners:

Steam cleaners, or more precisely, steam vapour cleaners, combat the dirt you don't see lurking about your home – they destroy allergy-causing dust mites from your mattresses, cushions and carpet surface, as well as steam away salmonella and other types of bacteria from your kitchen and bathroom counters and fixtures.

Steam Cleaner - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Use a steam cleaner to sanitize around taps and showerheads, toilet bowls, tiled floors and walls, porcelain and chrome fixtures. With the appropriate attachment, steam your windows and screens clean, and eliminate unsightly mould spots from tile grout. Refresh the appearance of a garment, or remove odours from clothing with a gentle application of clean vapor from a handheld steamer.

Industry leaders in the manufacture of versatile steam cleaning systems are Polti, Karcher and Earlex – expect to find a range of innovative steam cleaning machines and accessories from each company to deal with a broad spectrum of steam cleaning chores.

Steam Cleaners

A typical steam cleaner works in the following fashion: Clean water is poured into a container, which uses a heating element to boil the water, and steam is created. The steam is transferred through a hose or nozzle that has a cleaning tool attached to it. Steam can continue to be produced until the water container has exhausted its supply.

When buying a steam cleaner, consider:

  • Boiler Capacity - the greater the capacity, the longer the operating time (though a short or lengthy heat-up time will also have an effect on operating duration).
  • Tools and attachments - There are different tools designed for specific tasks. Generally, the more accessories provided or available, the greater versatility you will have in using your machine. Keep in mind though, there are some accessories you may never use, so a vast assortment may add unnecessary cost to your appliance.
  • Mobility - When using a steam cleaner for cleaning floors mobility is essential. You need to be able to pull the unit around the floor with ease after you otherwise shoulder systems may prove to be heavy, tiresome and cumbersome.
  • Ease of use - Usually the bulky design of hand held units prevent you from being able to clean intricate areas. Also try to ensure that steam control (if there is steam control) is a simple press and hold rather then pump system. Some systems are difficult to fill up and require a jug or funnel to get water into the boiler.

    Carpet Steam Cleaners

    Canister and upright carpet steam cleaners are more accurately called carpet washers or carpet deep cleaners. Canister styles are more flexible, since the hose can reach around corners more easily, but you may find the uprights are easier to carry and to push across carpet. Standard carpet steamers produce very little steam, if any, and that aspect of the cleaner is not relied upon in the carpet cleaning process. They are really water-extraction machines which eject water and a cleaning solution into the carpet, scrub it in with brushes, and pull up the dirty water into a self-contained receptacle. Some machine models have a self-contained heating unit while others require hot water be used to fill the receptacle. Popular brands of carpet steamers/washers include Bissell and Vax.

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