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Water purification in our technology rich and over-populous environment may be the single most important step you take to protect and enhance your family's health. Water purification for humans, like other animals and plants, is what determines individual cell health.

Unfortunately, the industrial age has resulted in increased levels of non-organic contaminants which travel within the water supply system and which rapidly absorbed into the food chain.

Water Filteration & Health:

Water purification can be an especially important health consideration for certain population segments, such as women, who by nature create more estrogen hormone levels, which in turn trigger the retention of fat. As toxic compounds such as lead or arsenic or ill defined hydro-compounds enter the woman's body via drinking water, these same toxins and compounds are readily absorbed into the fat cells. As a woman's weight changes due to aging, dieting, menopause and pregnancy her stored fat cells will suddenly release significant volumes of these stored toxins. Without some meaningful water purification system to screen such toxins, they pour into the body and can result in diabetes, kidney problems, urinary tract disorders and cancer of the cervix, breast and uterus.

A typical drinking water purification system will be installed either at the main entry pipes into the house, under the sink, or perhaps as a counter-top water purification system. A water purification system will not screen for "hard water" minerals. Rather, your home water purification system screens for inorganic material such as asbestos, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, lead or organic substances such as giardia which is a microbiological cyst or parasite which cause intestinal disorders or the related cryptospiridium which also is found in lakes and streams and cause significant intestinal disorder.

Water purification is a passive engineering system solution to water borne contaminants. Water purification equipment differs from water distillation equipment which is far more robust and aggressive approach to the issue of water purification for your home. When water boils, it converts to steam and along the way kills organic parasites, pathogens and various bacteria. Meanwhile this form of water purification system separates out the heavier organic compounds such as metals, insecticides and even certain radioactive elements. Your water purification system should have a carbon filter which can screen out organic chemicals like chlorine by products or if your water purification system operates more like a distillation unit, then these same chlorine compounds will boil away at a lower surface temperature than water, thus will be removed along with water vapor.

Since your body and every one of its billions of cells is comprised primarily of water, its critical that you approach water purification as a practical and core health maintenance issue to be managed on a daily basis.

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