Doulton Water Filter Plus- Water Purification Made Simple

Doulton undercounter water filter system or counter top and whole house water filtration models remove most bacteria, cysts, filter out odors and tastes, dramatically reduce lead, chlorine and herbicides.

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Doulton Water Filter Gives You Quality Control - Traveling Or At Home

Engineers creating the various lines of Doulton water filter products give you the means to control water safety and quality for your family in a manner impossible for your local public water authority. The Doulton water filtration technologies utilize both gravity fed as well as pressure-based water purification systems to offer families who may be either traveling (such as camping or using RV travel sites) or home based a practical and 100% reliable technique to dramatically improve the overall quality and safety of the water consumed by your family.

* Doulton Water Filter Plus Attacks Microbes. In the engineering spectrum of cost versus performance, the Doulton water filter product options share common attributes in terms of their underlying effectiveness. Organic and microbial factors associated with agricultural run off and bacteria and cysts associated with e.coli, giardia, cholera, salmonella are 99.99% eliminated "at your tap" once you've installed a doulton water filter. Virtually all of the Doulton water filter lines eliminate any organic or microbial factors such as cysts not addressed by chlorination, along with eliminating lead, arsenic, benzene and a range of trace substances identified by the EPA as contaminants.

Doulton Water Filters Features

* Pressure-Based Versus Gravity Water Filters. Take your Doulton water filter system wherever you need to. Select from pressure based units where your counter top or under counter mounted unit taps directly into your pressurized water lines. Alternatively, if you need a traveler's water filter with 4+ gallon capacity and portability for emergency or back-up water supplies, then reach for the Doulton gravity based water filters. No tools necessary and five minutes installation and you're set.

* Economy Of Your Doulton Water Filter Plus Model. Costs for the Doulton water filter that best suits your family's needs ranges from $120 for a gravity fed doulton water filter to up to $400 for whole house or under counter doulton ceramic water filter units. As you'll quickly discover, your purchase of a doulton water filter will lower your water buying costs for the year, plus you'll have the certainty of mind that your family is only drinking safe, clean and pure water.

* An Uncontrolled National Water Infrastructure. With over 40 million miles of aging water pipeline infrastructure, the 170,000 public water authorities have little chance of correcting the situation requiring water purification when new industrial compounds are being created daily, which along with agricultural pesticides and waste eventually sift into the underlying water aquifer.

* Public Outcry Against Bad Water In Washington D.C. Water safety awareness has grown but water safety standards have moved very little, if indeed worsened, in the last 50 years. Residents of Washington DC were notified in 2004 by public health authorities that "your drinking water presents a health risk", therefore "you should avoid use". Residents were rightfully angered to learn too late that the aged water infrastructure was permitting lead and hydrocarbon compounds to share the water coming into homes and businesses. Water purification, using a gravity fed or counter top water filter system by doulton will meet residents' needs, and be far most cost-effective and reliable than buying supermarket "bottled water" which is not distilled, nor safety-guaranteed, but high priced.

* Additional Doulton Product Data. For additional product technical data please go to the company's web site at You'll also discover accessories along with Doulton water filter replacement cartridge technical information.

To investigate your local water quality use the EPA's public service site or learn about the regulated and studied contaminants .

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