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NSA water filters use multi stage carbon filtration to deliver clean, safe and great tasting water. NSA water filter models available in counter top, under counter, ice maker and portable.

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NSA Water Filters - Clean Water Advantage

* NSA Water Filters Remove Water Borne Contaminants. Like many Americans, you've been educated to the slow decline in America's water quality. 'Stuff' unheard of 50 years ago regularly makes its way from industry and agriculture into rivers, lakes and streams, and deeper into the aquifer water table. In the 21st century at least 20,000 or more known industrial compounds are being produced in America. Add dust, rust, lead, mercury, cysts, viruses, bacteria and germs plus a decaying water infrastructure and you have a recipe for pandemics. NSA water filter substantially reduce lead, mercury and heavy metals plus the NSA bacteriostatic media filter inhibits bacteria growth.

* NSA Means Simple Installation And User Economy. Quick hook-up counter top NSA water filters take mere minutes to install. getting clean pure safe drinking water will cost you pennies per gallon when using your NSA water filter. Built robust, NSA products offer a range of 250 gallons for the portable water filter ( good for RV and wildnerss travel) up to 25,000 gallon capacity with the undercounter undersink US413 or 100SX models. Replacement water filter cartridges can be automatically ordered, and take minutes to install.

* Countertop Versus Under Counter And Portable NSA Water Filters. Look for the 5-stage carbon filtration counter top model 100S, which offers you a quick hook up directly to your faucet. Engaging your water filter re-directs drinking water through the NSA filters, giving you odor-free great tasting water, that's also substantially free of lead, asbestos, pesticide and herbicidal compounds, along with dirt, germs and bacteria such as e.coli and salmonella. Larger capactiy 15,000 to 25,000 under counter NSA water filters such as models 100SX or US413 require water pressure in order to drive the water purification process. However, portable NSA water filter model 10P requires no water pressure, rather uses passive gravity-fed filtration. RV owners may also like the ice maker 3000 gallon capacity NSA water filter model 25I.

The NSA water filter, model 100SX, reduces chlorine by a factor of 99%. This NSA under counter water filter unit reflects an important design upgrade over its predecessor model 100S, which regrettably evidenced a pattern of shattering due to brittle materials, which caused considerable water damage to the unlucky consumers who had installed the nsa water filter. The present model 100SX nsa water filter has been redesigned in order to reduce the incidence of accident

* Water Management Crisis For Municipal Treatment Authorities. The water purification issues targeted by the NSA water filter include metal contaminants such as asbestos and lead, which are increasingly present in the over 40 million miles of water pipeline infrastructure within the US-Canada.

With over 34 billion gallons of water being subjected to industrial scale water purification each day, American are generally able to be confident that the 3 billion glasses of water consumed each day are safe. But are they? In Washington DC in 2004, residents learned first hand the seriousness and insoluble nature of the lead contamination problem affecting their water quality.

As one of the nation's 170,000 public water authorities, the Washington DC area discovered that water pipe infrastructure had seriously deteriorated resulting in an ingress of lead into the water delivered into homes. Unless residents had a water filter, they were literally stuck with the news that "be advised that continued use of municipal water may pose a health risk due to unacceptably high levels of lead".

* Point of Use Water Purification. It's worth considering water filter system issues from the municipal treatment point of origin to your "point of use" household location. Industrial size carbon water filter technologies, even where combined with chlorination, clear up most of the major 80 identified contaminants at the municipal treatment plant. However, down-flowing water towards your home contains chlorine, which is not only a nasty tasting chemical, but unless subject to water purification at your household, carries carcinogenic risks which have been well documented over its 100 year use history.

Accordingly, residents must deal with water contaminants at the household point-of-use by buying and installing a NSA water filter or comparable product. Spending several hundred dollars, and about 15-20 cents per gallon is a small price to pay for the certainty of mind that you and your family can be safe. In order to further explore your local water quality please visit the EPA site.

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