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Discover portable water filters for RV, back packing and wilderness travel and water safety. Gravity based portable water filter removes cysts, minerals and more.

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Advantages Of A Portable Water Filter

Travel either within the industrialized world or into the forest and outback with increased confidence that your water supply will be continuous and safe, making it ideal for backpackers.

* Portable Water Filters Remove Cysts, Viruses, Giardia. WHen your water supply is uncertain, you must reach for your portable water filter. Whether one stage or multi stage filtration, most quallity portable water filter brands can "scrub" impurities out of your water down to 1 micron size. 'Stuff' removed includes lead, asbestos bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella, viruses, giardia which can cause intestinal disease, and more.

* Pressure-Free Gravity Action Operation. When you're camping near a stream or dipping your container into a lake, you don't have the advantages of pressurized water. Your solution - the portable water filter - works on gravity fed slow processing of your water. Unlike instant-on counter top or reverse osmosis water filters which require pressurized water or procesing units, your portable may take up to 5 minute or more in order to process enough water for your water bottle or camp fire meal.

* Iodine Tablets For Extra Safety. In true 'outback' and primitive camping sites, you may encounter water with a high degree of turbidity and a strong likelihood of animal waste as well as acid rain industrial pollutants. To give yourself added safety, drop iodine tablets into the water just processed by your portable water filter.

* Gravity Based Portable Water Filter - Brands To Consider. Besides speciality outdoors and gear outfitters such as LL Bean, REI and others, you can turn to water filter manufacturers such as NSA, Doulton, Brita and other market leaders for gravity based portable water filter products. Expect water purification capacities of around 250 gallons before a replacement water filter cartridge is necessary.

* North American Water Quality Decline. Although the United States and Canada have what's considered to be the safest water in the world, unforeseen factors such as floods, storms, radical weather changes, importing of viruses can lead to rapid deterioration of drinking water. Knowing this as a fact and accepting it as a practical reality, you need to travel outside your home and always bring along your portable water filter.

When any one of the 170,000 water authorities take water from rivers, streams or reservoirs and commence the process of delivering water to you, they are by necessity dealing with water that carries dirt and suspended organic and inorganic matter. While the treatment technologies attempt to filter or eliminate foreign substances from the water, you cannot rely on these system technologies to safeguard every water drop, so you must screen your drinking water through your portable water filter before ingesting.

* We And Our World Are Comprised Of Water. 70% of most food items are comprised of water. Humans, like other animals and plants are also primarily comprised of water. Infants during their first six months drink over seven times as much water per pound of body weight than do adults. By simply breathing and metabolizing, you expel several gallons of water each day.

How do people simply "avoid drinking the water"? The answer is that you can't stop drinking water unless you've introduced a portable water filter to eliminate potential contaminants. And, if you're considering a trek along the nearby Appalachian Trail you'll need to pack a camping water filter, or face the consequences of being acutely sick on the trail.

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