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Pur water filter products eliminate most of the water borne contaminants including lead, asbestos, organic cysts, bacteria and more.

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Pur Water Filters - Home And Travel

You can select from dozens of Pur water filter products and know that you'll get safe clean pure great tasting drinking water and water for cooking.

* Counter Top And Pitchers Made By Pur. Select from two-stage or three stage counter top Pur water filters. Installation is a breeze, with a quick fit directly to your faucet. Select from the many models under the Pur Ultimate or Pur Plus brands. Counter top Pur water filters can match any home or kitchen decor, offered in stainless steel, platinum, or white. Indicator light installed on your Pur unit tells you when it's time to consider replacing the water filter. You'll also notice a slight change in taste as well as a reduction in output pressure.

* Under Counter Pur Water Purification. Keep your counter top space clear by installing one of the Pur water filter under the counter or under sink. No spewcial tools are required other than supplied by Pur, for a rapid installation. Multi stage water filtration ensures that lead, mercury, asbestos, chlorine, benzene, animal and human waste or any related contaminants are radically reduced before they reach your drinking glass. Your Pur under counter unit automatically cuts off water just to the filter at such time as you need a water filter replacement cartridge.

* Portable And Extreme Pur Water Filter Products. If you're "going bush" on camping, RV travel, or extreme outdoor sports or paddling, make sure that you take along the portable Pur water filter that best suits your needs. Think about removing 99.99% of water borne viruses, cysts, protozoa like giardia, along with bacteria and germs, dirt, metals. Under the Pur Exstream brand, only 7.45 ounce Orinoco or Mackenzie models will give you a 26 ounce bottle and 26 gallons capacity... plus the knowledge that you've done what ever is technologically possible to eliminate water borne health risks.

* Pur Water Filters Working For Your Entire Family. Infants during their first year consume water at a rate seven times higher per pound of body weight than do adults. Water is key to delivering nutrients across the cell membrane so as to feed cells for growth and for the production of metabolic energy for task and play alike. The folks designing the pur water filter realize that families need to protect their drinking water supply "at the tap" rather than unrealistically rely upon the public water supply authorities to guarantee water purification.

* Pur Water Filters - More Technical Product Data. Take your water purification needs one step further by visiting the Pur company web site at http://www.purwaterfilter.com/ for additional technical details and product descriptions before purchasing.

* The EPA And America's Water Quality Standards. Most public water delivery pipeline systems, of which the US-Canada carry over 4 million miles of pipes, are seriously out-dated and in need of replacement. Since much of the water infrastructure was built in the first half of the 20th century, the upgrades supporting current water purification demand levels will require the delivery of significant billions of dollars from public and private sources in order to both repair and upgrade public water supply.

Primary contaminants identified as serious health issues by the EPA are noted in their service site where the EPA has even established a listing for maximum contaminant level ratings. Contact the EPA or read their information for a guide to national water quality trends.

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