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Under counter water filters offer high volume easy-install water purification. Save counter top space yet remove water borne contaminants with proven under sink water filter products.

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Advantages Of Under Counter Water Filters

An undercounter water filter system effectively screens 100% of the water coming into your faucet, giving you the cold comfort that you've done what is possible and necessary to meet your family's water purification needs. Water purification is one way to ensure that drinks that you make up, such as sports drink or frozen concentrate juices, or foods that you prepare such as boiled rice or fish or steamed vegetables or soups only use the purest of water.

* Under Sink Water Filter Remove Water Borne 'Bad Stuff'. Education and media coverage has taught Americans that the nation's water quality has diminished under pressure of increasing population and man-made chemicals. An under counter water filter scrubs out 'stuff' including lead, rust, dirt, turbidity, asbestos, mercury, germs, bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella along with viruses and cysts. Between Mother Nature and man-made chemicals, your water may carry any number of over 20,000 compounds into your glass... other than the water itself.

* Multi Stage Filtration And Reverse Osmosis. Your performance under sink water filter models, such as made by GE and other leading manufacturers, often use multi-stage filtration. Large sediment filters capture larger size particles like dust, lead and rust and turbidity. Carbon filter media then screen out and dramatically reduce chlorine, odors and foreign tastes to particle sizes of around 5 microns. In under counter water filters based on reverse osmosis, your system feature another technology which is a two-way semi permeable filter membrane which permits water to cross its barrier, however scrubs out the super-small microscopic 'stuff' such as germs and cysts at 0.0001 micron size.

* Water Filter Replacement Cartridges. Most under sink water filter designs feature multi-stage filtration. Look to see if your preferred system is based on a pre-filter. If so, then you can expect to replace your pre-filter on a 6 months cycle, and your remaining filter once a year. Signs that your under counter water filter is declining is the gradual appearance of foreign taste and odor in your water, plus a gradual decline in output pressure at the faucet. Most under sink water filters are designed with a safety feature which creates an automatic bypass of your filter once it clogs or is no longer functional, thereby not able of transferring any pollutants into you water. Also, some models may offer you a water filter replacement indicator light.

* Review Your Pluming Features Before Buying. Most undersink water filter systems are engineered to fit or compliment your existing plumbing fixtures. Before proceeding with too much research into products and brands, you should look over your plumbing fixtures, take some notes as to how an under sink water filter may be hooked up and what amount of free space exists under your kitchen sink. Installation for your under counter water filter necessitates that you shut off the main valve for incoming water first.

Next, you spread apart your current fixtures, hooking up your under counter water filter in between both sides of your current plumbing fixture, with the effect that your water must pass through the under counter water filter on its way up to the faucet. If you feel at all uncertain about installation procedures, then you can call in a plumber or handyman to do this basic hook up of your under counter water filter unit.

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