Teen Summer Camps – An Online Guide

Finding a summer camp program that best suits the wants and needs of your child can be an exciting – and overwhelming – experience.

To help, this series of articles has classified camps into several main categories, including academic, performing arts and sports camps.

As you browse through these topics, you'll learn about science summer camps that spend sessions offshore, computer camps that actually encourage you to play digital games, and space camps that offer your child a glimpse into a future where the sky isn't the limit!

Performing and visual arts camps are staffed with dedicated, creative and gifted professionals ready to share their passion and knowledge with your dramatic, musical or graceful child. Acting, band, music, dance and film camps are primed to tap that rare spirit that emanates from the artist and performer within your child.

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Sport-specialty camps take your child's skills, abilities and enthusiasm for athletics seriously, and provide setting and the instruction to help them make their dreams of athletic success a reality. Find a sports camp to foster your child's love of competition or commitment to individual accomplishment. Team camps for football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, softball and wrestling are ready to send your squad off with all the confidence and skill you need to have a winning season; camps for solo athletes prepare them to compete against their toughest opponents – themselves.

Learn the difference between a traditional camp and specialty camp; the pros and cons of overnight and daytime camps. Read about reasons why a Christian camp may be a thoughtful choice for the youth in your life; and why a single-sex camp may be preferable to a co-ed experience.

Make a list of the different activities your child would like to try and search out a camp that will offer the same in a setting and budget you can handle. Once you've narrowed your list to daytime or sleep away, specialty or traditional, browse through a summer camp directory like the one published annual by the American Camping Association®, which offers a comprehensive list of ACA-accredited camps located throughout all 50 states.

A positive summer camp experience can enrich a child's life immeasurably – they help young people discover and explore interests, talents and values that will make them healthier and happier for years to come.


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