Computer camps – A Computer Forensics Boot Camp

Computer camps are geared for kids who'd rather go "tech-ing" than trekking on their summer vacation!

Hands-on instruction that is typically unavailable in schools is provided at computer camp to teach students both practical and creative skills. Courses related to academic success in high school, college and business are usually taught, as well as camp classes that zero in on artistic and imagination-driven applications.

Boys and girls interested in computers science and digital technologies can find a computer camping experience that might include designing a web page or building a robot. They can learn valuable programming skills and even create a computer game or digital cartoon!

Most camps offer workshops in web design, game design, animation and digital photography. Youth of all ages can explore programming with sessions dealing with Basic, C++, Java and PERL.

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Computer Camp

If your teen has a solid grasp of computer technology and wants to get a head start on a related career, consider enrolling him in a computer forensics boot camp, a growing specialization for computer aficionados who seek a challenging new direction in high-tech science.

For kids who enjoy a variety of computer applications, or for those who lean toward the artistic and creative promise of digital technology, consider an overnight or computer day camp that combines challenging workshops in a variety of specialties with traditional camping activities like swimming, canoeing or hiking.

Consult your child's school for any recommendations they have regarding a reputable computer camp in your area. Online directories, sourcebooks, and the American Camping Association can also provide you with information on finding a good fit for your child.

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