Science Camps – A Marine Science Summer Camp

A summer science camp can provide a unique and educational experience beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Available nationwide to children of all ages and abilities, a broad spectrum of science camps offers a world of discovery and excitement.

Science on the seas

A blend of sky, sea, sailing and sandy beaches serves to make marine science camps among the most popular with young people. Combining the study of the underwater world with the thrill of offshore adventure is a prevalent theme of many science camps. Often programs take place on an island, aboard a large vessel, or at a beachfront facility. Camps of this nature may include activities geared around scuba diving, snorkeling, diving and even sailing and general seamanship.

Studies at a marine science camp depend primarily on the locale of the "campsite" and can include topics as diverse as tropical biology, whale migration, Caribbean coral reefs, rocky tidal pools, algae and plankton growth, and even coastal erosion.

Science Camp

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When selecting a marine science camp, take into account the skill certifications they require your child to possess before enrolling in a program, particularly if it will be taking place aboard a ship. Many onshore or onboard classes may also be offered - underwater photography, astronomy and navigation, for example.

Science for the college-bound

Many prominent university and technical schools offer science camp programs during the summer for teens who don't want to wait until college to experience challenging course work.

Among the schools that developed summer camp programs include Rensselaer Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Smith College. Camp sessions centered on subjects relating to astronomy, biology, biochemistry, computer engineering, genetics, robotics, botany and zoology are typical offerings. Campers often have the opportunity to use top-notch, state of the art science labs, have access to special libraries and the experience the guidance of college staff and older graduate students as they conduct research and perform tests.

Science for starters!

Science camps for kids and very young children use simple, hands-on exploration and study techniques to promote a love of the natural world and an eagerness to unlock its mysteries. Looking at a clump of moss through a magnifying glass, watching tadpoles transform into frogs, examining starfish and anemones at the beach are all science camp standards for the littlest set.

Sending your budding biologist or junior geologist to science camp may be your most successful experiment!

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