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Space camps offer the ideal atmosphere for your budding rocketeer to learn about astronautics, aviation, technology, and the science and wonder of the universe.

Simulated space missions, examinations of planet geology, robotic technology and suiting up in real astronaut gear all serve to make the space camp experience realistic, educational, memorable and just plain fun. Who wouldn't enjoy being Captain Kirk, Sally Ride or even Elroy Jetson for a week or two!

Kids will learn science fundamentals and be exposed to abstract theories at space camp. Mysteries of the stars and what lies beyond; How was the galaxy was formed? Is there life on Mars? – These can all be topics for discussion and research at space camp.

Space camps operate throughout the country, coast to coast and in between, in large part as a response to the space-age generation's fascination with technology, exploration and even science fiction. Some camps specialize in astronomy, and are situated in the Colorado mountains or the California desert for optimum stargazing.

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Others focus on engineering and rocket technology, where participants will set off rockets they've built during the session. Most popular, through, remains the astronaut training space camps, where an actual space mission is simulated from start to finish.

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One of the best-known junior astronaut programs is the U.S. Space Camp® in Huntsville, Alabama. The camp is part of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center®, the nation's leading space science museum empowered by Congress and supported technically by the National Aeronautics and Science Administration (NASA).

The Center operates several national and international outreach programs that include space camp sessions ("missions") for participants ranging from 7 to 18 years of age, including several parent-child programs.

Depending on the age group, camp missions cover actual and simulator training for mission control, astronauts, shuttle pilots and scuba divers, as well as coursework in robotics, flight training and even land and water survival skills. U.S. Space Camp® also offers programs specifically designed for visually- and hearing-impaired students.

At space camp, your youngster has the opportunity to "slip the surly bonds of earth" and reach for the stars!

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