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This series of articles is intended for the parents of teenagers who are at risk for alcohol and drug abuse disorders. It is designed to inform parents about the signs of alcohol and drug involvement, several of the drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs designed to manage these problems and also to propose techniques to better manage teenagers in the home environment.

Both forms of abuse are referred to by professionals as substance abuse disorders.

It is generally agreed among treatment professionals that substance abuse is a genetically influenced disorder. That is, it is inherited according to the same laws of heredity that govern the passing on of physical traits and mental abilities. Accordingly, parents who themselves have had or have a substance dependency or who are aware of blood relatives with substance abuse problems, need to be especially vigilant regarding their teenagers.

These parents need to be appropriately honest and frank with their children about the inheritance of addictiveness. Children cannot be warned too early about their proneness to such problems so that appropriately strong resistance can be developed during the pre-teen years.

The use of abusable substances has become almost epidemic throughout our society, occurs at all socioeconomic levels, and is found in all geographic regions of the United States . Youngsters are now experimenting with various drugs and alcohol in late primary school and middle school. By the high school years such activity becomes even more influenced by peer pressure and can result in untold miseries for youngsters.and their families.

Substances falling within the abusable classification include illegal drugs obtained from street sources; certain legally obtained psychiatric drugs found in the family medicine cabinet, some over the counter cold products which contain alcohol, alcohol illegally purchased in the form of liquor, beer and wine (or legally purchased and found in the home), certain compounds made in illegal laboratories, and relatively recently, certain products intended for legitimate other uses such as paint thinner, glue, and even gasoline.

Impulsivity, recklessness and poor judgment normally associated with the adolescent years play a central role I substance abuse involvement. Teenagers are also especially vulnerable to peer pressure and may begin experimenting with abusable substances to curry favor and status from their peers.

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