Swing Sets – Choosing a Backyard Play Set

Backyard play sets appeal to children of all ages. As the weather warms, children crave outside time. They love expending energy by climbing around an outdoor swingset. Discover the swing set features suitable to each age group and how to choose ideal backyard swing sets.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Swing Set

Backyard Play Set Features for Toddlers

Toddlers generally prefer a swing and slide on their outdoor playsets. Swingset slides come in all shapes and sizes. Look for backyard toddler swing sets that allow you to switch out a regular swing for a toddler swing. Some toddler playsets come with toddler swings already included. Toddler swings come with a seat that contains lap belts for safety.

Consider purchasing a spiral slide large enough for an adult. Toddlers love having mom, dad or an older sibling hold them as they go down a toddler swingset together. Not only does this allow for bonding time in a sunny yard, but it also helps alleviate fears that affect many toddlers have the first time they use a playset slide.

Picking Swing Set Features for Growing Children

Backyard swingsets come in wood or metal. The features vary greatly, so you have plenty of room for personalization. There are features that a child’s play set should include. Most children love to give input on what they most want.

The best backyard play set includes:

- Monkey bars
- Climbing ropes or rope ladders
- Swings
- Slide
- Rings
- Tire swing
- Upper platform or cabin for hanging out

Not only do children love being outdoors on their very own children’s playset, they get exercise climbing, hanging and running from feature to feature. Children’s play sets are a great way promote outdoor activity.

Today’s Outdoor Play Sets Last Decade

Just remember that your child’s input is the best way to choose a swingset that will get years of use. Some children love hanging upside down, while others are happiest with a rope ladder and special fortress of their very own. Look for backyard play sets that allow upgrades as a child ages. Rainbow Play Systems and Adventure Playsets offer advice and designs that appeal to all ages.

With proper care, a backyard swing set will last decades. Years from now, your grandchildren may return to use that very same backyard playset that your son or daughter cherished.

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