Swing Sets - Find the Right Outdoor Swing Set

Kids love swing sets. If you are thinking about putting a swing set in your backyard, read on for priceless information that will help you choose the right swing set for your young ones.

Do you want a metal swing set or a wooden swing set? Learn about your options, the ups and downs of various swing sets and decide what works best for you and your kids.

Metal Swing Sets vs. Wooden Swing Sets

  • PROS
  • Metal: Quality metal swing sets use galvanized steel, which is rust resistant and very strong. Also, metal swing sets are certainly more cost efficient than wooden swing sets. For the priceand the strength, metal swing sets make a great backyard playground for years to come.
  • Wooden: First, wooden swing sets are sturdier than most metal swing sets, supporting, on average, more weight per child. Second, a wooden swing set will typically last longer than its metal competitors. Depending on the type of lumber and whether or not it is pressure treated, some wooden swing sets can actually be guaranteed for anywhere between 10 and 25 years. Lastly, wood swing sets have a more natural look for your backyard and offer more accessories and construction variation.
  • CONS
  • Metal: Compared to wood swing sets, metal swing sets don't last as long. Weather and use wear them down faster than most wooden sets. Also, though metal swing sets are sturdy, they don't match the strength of most wood constructs.
  • Wooden: Cost is the major factor working against wooden swing sets. Being that price is always the first consideration for a consumer, many potential wooden swing set buyers may be turned off by higher priced equipment. However, remember that you get what you pay for. You want the most fun and safest set you can find, and price tags rise with safety and enjoyment ratings.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Swing Set

  • Cost is the first consideration when looking for the right swing set. In the main, wooden swing sets have higher price tags than metal swing sets.
  • Warranty protection is another factor you need to think about when searching. Find out all about the warranty the company you are buying from offers.
  • Materials are another big issue to look into. Various wood or metal materials have different life spans and safety ratings. You want the best for you kids, so take the time to do the research.

Where To Look For Swing Sets

Rainbow Play Systems and Hedstrom are among the leaders in swing set manufacturers. Also, PlayNation is a great place to look for quality wooden swing sets.




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