Swing Set Accessories - Choosing a Canopy for Swing Set Structures in your Yard

Protect your outdoor playset with a canopy for swing set components. Swing set canopies come in a variety of sizes making it easy to protect your swingset from snow and rain. During hot, sunny days, canopies provide a shady spot for your children to relax in the backyard.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Swing Set

Benefits to a canopy on a play set include:

- Blocking rain and snow from wooden platforms
- Creating shade
- Keeping slides and swings dry in the rain
- Sun protection

Enhancing your backyard play set with a canopy adds years to the life of your swingset. Your kids will love having a hangout of their own and you rest assured they have a place to escape the sun while still getting to play outside.

Choosing a Canopy for a Swing Set

Adding a canopy to a swing set is easy. Many manufacturers meet customer specifications. Measure the area of the swing set twice. Measuring twice guarantees you have the correct dimensions for the area you want to cover. Make sure there are secure areas to install posts if they are not already in place.

Many manufacturers who design canopies for a swing set offer a choice of colors or patterns. Choices generally include:


Use the color choices to match your overall yard design. You can enhance any backyard swingset by creating the look of a fortress with your canopy design.

Qualities to Look for with any Canopy for a Swing Set

The play set canopy you choose should offer the following qualities:

12-ounce marine grade vinyl material
Crack resistant properties for sub-zero temperatures
Marine grade grommets and snaps
Mildew retardant
UV protection

You need a canopy for swing set structures that withstand the weather. If you live in areas where winters are long and cold, the vinyl material should be able to handle the temperature without cracking. Vinyl that is not resistant to the cold will crack and you’ll wind up replacing the canopy on your swingset every year.

Strong winds damage canopies on swing sets. Make sure the material used on the canopy is marine grade. Marine grade vinyl is used on boats and is waterproof and durable.

Most importantly, when selecting your canopy for a swing set structure, look for grommets and snaps crafted from stainless steel. They will resist rust, maintaining the performance of your canopy.

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