Swing Set Accessories - Adding a Swing Set Glider to your Child’s Playset

A swing set glider is the perfect addition to a children’s swingset. Most outdoor play sets come with individual swings. Children want to swing together. They will risk their safety by doubling up on swings for that added thrill. By purchasing a swing set glider, children safely swing together on a swing set accessory meant for two.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Swing Set

Different Types of Swing Set Gliders

Swing set gliders come in a variety of colors and styles making it easy to match your yard or garden’s overall look. Metal gliders contain sturdy metal poles, foot rests and molded plastic seats. Be careful with a metal swing set glider. Most have a maximum weight limit of 75 pounds making it hard for two larger children to enjoy the outdoor glider.

A more popular option is play set gliders crafted from durable plastic. Children place their feet on the middle platform and sit facing one another on the swingset. As they swing, the swing set glider rocks gently back and forth allowing for smooth ride. Plastic playset gliders generally have a weight limit of 250 pounds making them suitable for older children too!

Things to Watch for When Buying a Swingset Glider

The most important rule for swing set gliders is the weight limit. If your older children want to use the glider and it has a weight limit of less than 100 pounds, odds are they will be too heavy for the backyard glider. Always make sure the play set glider accommodates the weight of children who will be using the outdoor playset.

Consider the construction of the outdoor swing set gliders. Solid plastic gliders will withstand weather conditions better than metal. Over time, metal swingset gliders rust and weaken.

Look for swing set gliders with backs. This prevents younger children from slipping off while swinging.

Installation Tips for Play Set Gliders

Some play set glider models come with hardware you add to your backyard swingset. These components create a weight distributing attachment that adds additional support for the two-person swing.

Always look to see how the swingset glider attaches to your existing swingset. Make sure the new outdoor children's play set glider can be safely added. Follow manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure the glider's safety.

Children love swing set gliders. Add one to your existing outdoor play set and watch how well they'll play together.

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