Wooden Swing Set Plans - Build a Playset that Grows with your Child

Designing wooden swing set plans is best if you create an outdoor play set that grows with your child. While toddler swing sets include swings with back supports and safety straps, they will quickly outgrow that system and require more adventurous playset features.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Swing Set

By designing your own wooden swing set plans, you build a swing set that lasts throughout childhood. Both you and your child will love every minute spent on their outdoor play structure.

Important Toddler Swing Set Features

Your wooden swing set plans should start with the two components toddlers want: a toddler swing and a slide. Busy toddlers love sliding into mom or dad’s arms, plus learning to climb a ladder is an integral part of childhood. Ladders develop both arm and leg muscle and reduce a fear of heights.

As the child becomes steady on his/her feet, the swing set plan allows adaptations to happen. The toddler swing comes down and a swing goes up instead. A taller, steeper slide replaces the original slide. A glider allows the child to swing with a friend or sibling. Your original wooden swing set plans should account for these changes.

Add Outdoor Play Set Items that Children Love

Your outdoor swingset plan for a child’s play set should include things like ropes for climbing. Install monkey bars or trapezes for children to hang upside down. Rope ladders and rock wall satisfy a child climber’s passion. Establishing children’s playset plans that provide room for these different features saves you time and money.

Best-selling Swing Set Additions

Ask any child about his/her favorite backyard swing set items. The following always make it onto a list:

Monkey bars
Play fort
Rock climbing wall
Rope ladder
Spiral slide

With a wooden swing set, adding new components is easy. Your child will never grow bored with a customized outdoor swingset.

Wooden swing set plans allow you to customize your family’s swing set. Ask your child what he/she wants most and then build a playset to those specifications. You will find your child gets more years of enjoyment out of your creation than any ready-to-assemble wooden play set.

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