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Make the most of your time and money by carefully selecting gap year adventures. Whether you need a year off to recover from years of school or can't get into your preferred college straightaway, a gap year provides you with amazing opportunities.

Whether you're gap year expeditions entail volunteer work, sampling different careers or traveling the world, make the most of your gap year adventures by researching the many options available.

Don't Immediately Rule Out Expensive Gap Year Expeditions

It's great to have a budget in mind. Any financial expert would advise you to create a solid budget. However, many gap year students fail to consider the possibility of grants and scholarships. There are many gap year adventures that qualify for college credit. As a result, there is money available in the form of grants and scholarships that help pay for your gap year.

Gap Year Adventures with YOLO

Gap year adventures from offer an exciting experience for those in the 18 to 30 year age range. The trips are planned extensively to keep gap year travelers as busy as possible. There are trips for every budget and every corner of the world.

Spend three months traveling from northern South America all the way to the southern tip. Prices start at $6,700 and include guided tours, transportation, accommodations and some meals. The average group size for this YOLO Gap Adventures is ten people, so you really get to know your group and form lasting friendships.

Travel to Patagonia and navigate the Antarctic Circle for a full month. The tour starts at $8,000 and includes flights, cruise ship transportation, protective winter clothing (including boots), hiking in the Glacier National Park, most meals, educational lectures and much more. Call 888-800-4100 for more information on any Gap Adventures.

Volunteer Based Gap Year Expeditions

There are amazing gap year adventures out there. Through Earthwatch, you can travel throughout the world volunteering your time helping to save the animals, climate or go on an archaeological dig. Spend nine days helping relocate Leatherback Sea Turtle eggs or releasing the new hatchlings into the ocean.

Head to Kenya and help the Samburu people create a sustainable economy. Earthwatch offers many gap year expeditions for every budget.

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