Student Gap Year Asia - India, Nepal, Thailand, China, Fiji, Japan

Enjoy a gap year in Asia. Spend your time making new friends, learning Asian culture and experiencing the cuisine of places like India, Japan and Thailand. Whether you spend your Asian gap year interning or volunteering, it's an adventure you'll never forget.

Spend a gap year in China, Japan or India teaching the English language. Head to Fiji and help build safe walking paths for villagers. Volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal. These are all popular gap year Asia programs. Head to Japan for your gap year and learn how to teach others to ski Minakami. This is just a sampling of the international gap year ideas for Asia.

Peace Corps Gap Year Asia Programs

Spend a gap year in Asia working for the Peace Corps. Volunteer programs are available in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Philippines and Thailand. In addition, the Peace Corps have programs where you spend a gap year in Fiji.

The Community Footpath Peace Corp program is one that volunteers can do during their gap year in Fiji. The goal of this project is to erect safe foot paths throughout Fiji's many villages. These paths help residents move around from location to location without slipping on wet soil or rocks and injuring themselves. Volunteers help move gravel, sand and lumber to the paths where the footpaths are constructed.

An intriguing gap year China volunteer program is the use of American movies to teach English. Volunteers are needed to help students learn the English language and American culture by viewing popular American movies. Volunteers help Chinese teachers with translations and share more about local cultures.

Learn more about open Peace Corps gap year ideas at Peace Corps

WLS International Gap Year Asia Programs

WLS International offers a number of gap year Asia programs. Spend a gap year abroad in Nepal volunteering in a Nepali orphanage. There you will help care for the children including helping bathe, feed and teach the youngsters.

Thailand gap year volunteers head overseas where they spend time volunteering for local orphanages, schools or charities. One popular gap year Thailand program is the elephant program. You spend time in an elephant camp where you help care for elephants. These elephants help in the logging industry. Volunteers ensure the elephants are never abused or overworked and are treated well throughout the day. Duties include educating elephant owners and bathing the elephants before and after their work duties.

Before your volunteer work, you spend time in an orientation program that teaches the basics of the language, customs and day to day life. You stay with a Nepali host family during your Nepal gap year and eat the foods they provide. By the end of your gap year, you will have immersed yourself in the Nepali way of life. Learn more at Gap Year In Asia .

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