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Choose a gap year internship and earn college credit while exploring a specific career. Gap year internships provide part- or full-time opportunities where you build your career skills in a specific industry. Depending on the internship program, some employers offer a small stipend in addition to the college credits.

Gap year internship programs cover everything from undergraduate to graduate work. You can hone your skills between school years or try different careers before entering college. Gap year work is available in many countries, so you're not bound to one specific area.

Applying for Gap Year Internships

When applying for a gap year internships, your grades matter. Companies are going to give precedence to students who try hard. Slackers are generally skipped over because if they don't put in their classroom work, they're likely to be just as lax in the workforce.

Most internships are unpaid monetarily, instead you gain college credit for your work. If you take an internship in another country, you live with a host family, eliminating any housing expense.

It's important to fully research the gap year internships before applying. Some online companies charge a finders fee to match you to an internship. It's usually better to go straight to a company of interest and research what internships are available. Most companies look for interns in early spring, before school ends, so that interns are lined up for summer work.

Gap Year Internships Found Worldwide

Travellers Worldwide offers an exciting gap year internship. Head to Ghana where you work as a journalism/media intern for a local radio station. Your job is to prepare news stories and possibly even report the news over the air as you gain experience. During this internship, you live with a host family experiencing Ghana's culture and cuisine.

Law school students benefit from an internship in Argentina where they help in a Buenos Aires law firm. Jobs are specifically geared towards your current educational level, knowledge of Spanish and your age. The law firm covers many branches of law, including commercial law, contracts, environmental law and intellectual property.

For more information on these and other gap year internships, visit TravellersWorldwide.

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