Medical Gap Year - Voluntary Work Experience

A medical gap year helps refresh both your body and spirit. Reports from Cornell University state that 33 percent of their students take a gap year between senior year and medical school. The demanding schedules of medical school students are often higher stress that many students realize. By taking a year to travel and experience another culture, students return primed and ready to dive into their studies.

A gap year involves one or two years where you spend your time building your work and life experiences. You may take an internship with a company in your area or travel half a world away to do volunteer work for a non-profit organization. All gap year work is rewarding, but some even offers college credits for your time spent.

AmeriCorps Gap Year Ideas

AmeriCorps offers thousands of volunteer opportunities for teens and adults. Visit their site and list your area of interest. For a medical gap year, you'd choose health. Then list the area where you wish to volunteer and a menu of possible options appears.

You could spend your medical gap year in Puerto Rico offering support for both medical and nutritional needs. This often means helping educate low-income families into creating budgets and seeking low-cost or free medical care. For more information, visit Americorps.

International Peace Operations Association

International Peace Operations Association was instrumental in helping Haiti receive necessary medical care following the earthquake. They offer internships throughout the year, often starting in the Summer. These gap year internships are in high demand, so it's important to present yourself well on the application. Every semester they receive approximately 300 applications for a handful of positions, so be prepared to really shine on that application.

Interns must devote at least three days a week for a minimum three months. Undergraduates receive a monthly stipend that starts at $300. To receive the stipend, you must meet the academic qualifications. Internships are based in the U.S. and usually involve helping to manage the different products and coming up with new project ideas. Research is generally the best program to apply for if you are planning for a medical gap year. Visit for more information.

Partners in Health Medical Gap Year Ideas

Partners in Health looks for volunteers and interns in many areas. Those interested in a medical gap year may want to consider helping care for poor families in Mexican villages or volunteering in Boston where you will spend three months writing medical guides for caring for HIV-positive patients in third-world countries.

For more information on volunteering with visist Partners in Health, You can also call 617-998-8922.

Peace Corps Medical Gap Year Volunteer Programs

Spending your medical gap year with the Peace Corp means you'll travel the world helping those in need. Peace Corp volunteers help in many countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands and South America. Peace Corp volunteers must commit 27-months to Peace Corp programs.

If you sign up to volunteer in Malawi, Africa, you spend time working with HIV-positive children and adults. You help teach the community about HIV/AIDS and offering support to those afflicted. You may also go to Romania where you spend time working in orphanages, specifically those with HIV-afflicted children. For additional information, visit Peace Corps

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